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Old Posts Foundation Systems Forum
374 3861 10/10/2014
by: Marc
Old Posts Exteriors Forum
882 8914 10/10/2014
by: Scottpat
Old Posts Landscaping & Site Drainage Forum
76 789 08/31/2014
by: Clayton
New Posts Roof Forum
699 7229 10/19/2014
by: Jim Baird
Old Posts Electrical Forum
1801 17148 10/14/2014
by: Marc
New Posts Plumbing Forum
1223 11205 10/20/2014
by: John Kogel
New Posts HVAC Forum
1409 12099 10/19/2014
by: Jim Baird
Old Posts Interiors & Appliances
455 4251 10/14/2014
by: Scottpat
Old Posts Attics & Insulation
354 3582 10/01/2014
by: John Kogel
New Posts Fireplaces, Chimneys & Wood Burning Appliances
277 2334 10/20/2014
by: John Kogel
Old Posts Swimming Pools and Spas
The late Norm Sage originally moderated this forum. Though he's gone; we loved the guy and he'll always be the moderator here.
48 322 06/25/2014
by: tim5055
Old Posts Free Downloads and Online Training Resources
Do you know of a great inspection-related pub on the internet that inspectors can download free? If so, post a short description and the link here.
101 229 09/11/2014
by: AbsoluteInspector
Old Posts Building Science
Questions about ventilation, vapor diffusion, new building materials, etc.
103 1085 09/20/2014
by: Jim Katen
Old Posts InfraredThermography
59 1148 10/10/2014
by: hitme
Old Posts Green Technologies
17 294 02/11/2014
by: Samuel Rock
Old Posts Indoor Air Quality (I.A.Q.) and Mold Forum
This forum is closed until a new moderator is found. PM Admin if you are interested in moderating this forum.
125 1598 10/17/2014
by: Mike Lamb
Old Posts Environmental Hazards
114 1233 08/11/2014
by: allseason
Old Posts Pest Control (WDI, WDO and Rodents)
112 1219 05/13/2014
by: Rob Amaral
Old Posts Tools & Equipment
Want to ask questions about special tools and equipment used for home inspections? Do it here.
284 3661 10/12/2014
by: pillscoach
Old Posts Computers & Reporting Systems Forum
271 3323 10/17/2014
by: ajohnson11
Old Posts Digital Photography
Need help with Digital Photography? Our expert, Chip Estabrooks, will help you get it right.
63 785 07/01/2014
by: hoosier inspector
Old Posts Report Writing and the Written Word
Questions about report language, writing style, etc.
202 3734 04/20/2014
by: John Kogel
Old Posts New Product Forum
Found an interesting new building product that you think inspectors will need to know more about? Post the information about it here.
18 153 03/24/2014
by: Chad Fabry
Collapse This Category  Home Inspector Polls    
Old Posts Professional Practices Polls
These polls are used to gather information from the profession about common professional practices used by inspectors in order to determine what the overall standard of care is.
28 426 07/03/2014
by: jigsaw
Old Posts Vehicle, Tools and Equipment Polls
These polls help us learn what type of vehicle is most commonly used by inspectors and which tools and equipment are being used. This is to help get an idea of the overall standard of care within the profession.
20 255 06/05/2014
by: John Dirks Jr
Collapse This Category  Miscellaneous Discussion Forums    
Old Posts 203(k) Consultants & FHA Inspectors
Discussions of the consultant application process, policies and standards.
18 234 09/05/2014
by: CAPTlawrence
Old Posts Architectural Nightmares and Remuddles
What's the ugliest house or most horrific remodel (remuddle) that you've seen? Take a picture of it and post it here.
3 18 09/12/2014
by: aschauer82
Old Posts Help Using TIJ Forums
Got a large file or download that will help all home inspectors? Step inside to learn how you can add it to TIJ's File Library.
46 413 12/19/2013
by: John Kogel
Old Posts Inspectoon by Mike Lamb
3 9 11/04/2013
by: hausdok
Old Posts Open Discussion Forum (Chit-Chat)
Discuss whatever you want here, except religion and politics.
2947 29555 10/14/2014
by: John Kogel
Old Posts Washington State Home Inspector's Forum
This forum is for home inspectors in the State of Washington to discuss Washington State inspection/licensing issues.
96 889 08/23/2014
by: hausdok
Old Posts Home Inspector Qualifications & Professionalism
187 2382 03/31/2014
by: Nolan Kienitz
Old Posts Inspecting/Appreciating Old Homes
This category is meant for those who have an appreciation for, and wish to discuss unique inspection aspects of, historic (1600's thru early 20th century) homes.
217 1842 08/28/2014
by: kurt
Old Posts International Home Inspector Issues
10 68 12/15/2012
by: Mark P
Old Posts Open Topics
Need to talk about something unrelated to home inspections or any of the other forums available? Start a thread here! Just remember, no discussions about religion, politics or organization bashing are going to be tolerated here.
366 4010 10/13/2014
by: Steven Hockstein
Collapse This Category  TIJ's News You Can Use    
Old Posts Inspector Rants!
28 586 10/14/2014
by: Jim Morrison
Old Posts The Latest News For Home Inspectors
These are the front page articles.
482 2737 09/30/2014
by: kurt
New Posts News Around The Net
These are H.I.-related articles from around the net. Clicking on links here may sometimes require you to register on other sites, in order to access the content.
447 2250 10/20/2014
by: Jim Baird
Old Posts Product Recalls
[img=right]images/recaller.GIF[/img=right]This forum is exclusively for product recalls.
135 218 08/24/2014
by: kurt
Old Posts Marketing Tips
These are the Marketing tips that begin on the front page.
54 415 08/14/2014
by: AbsoluteInspector
Old Posts Safety Alerts/Health Advisories
This forum is used to inform home inspectors of safety alerts and health advisories.
16 159 03/12/2014
by: Marc
Old Posts Inspectoon by Mike Lamb
80 423 01/28/2014
by: inspectorbello
Old Posts The Latest Reviews For Home Inspectors
These are the reviews shown on the front page.
6 76 08/22/2013
by: sickman333
Old Posts Site Announcements
5 7 07/17/2013
by: Tom Raymond
Collapse This Category  H.I. Associations, Training, and Licensing Issues    
Old Posts Home Inspection Licensing and Pending/Legislation
This forum is where home inspectors can discuss existing or pending H.I. legislation.
WARNING: Discussions here can become contentious. If you prefer to avoid discussions that can border on rudeness and ridicule, you are advised to avoid this topic area altogether.
78 638 05/28/2014
by: kurt
Old Posts Professional Home Inspection Associations
This category is for home inspectors to discuss activities of the various HI organizations.
WARNING TO READERS: Discussion in this category can and does become contentious. If you prefer to avoid wading through subjective opinion to find useful content, you are advised to avoid this category altogether.
84 1224 10/07/2014
by: Jim Katen
Collapse This Category  Business Forums    
Old Posts Bare Bones Biz Money Making Q & A
Bring your financial questions and Ellen will show you how to make more money?
17 152 04/03/2011
by: Ellen Rohr
Old Posts Insurance Questions
Do you have questions about insurance? Gil Stuart has been providing insurance products to home inspectors for more than a decade. Post your questions here and Gil will answer them.
23 253 08/31/2014
by: rjmiller
Old Posts Marketing Techniques Forum
135 1438 09/23/2014
by: kurt
Old Posts For Sale or Swap
Private sale or swap only! Property sold here should be home inspection related. Commercial entities in the business of selling equipment to home inspectors may not sell their wares here.
45 160 09/22/2014
by: admin
Old Posts Help Wanted - Businesses For Sale
Looking to hire an inspector or sell your company? Post the information here. (Warning: This is for home inspection related business opps only. Anything not related to home inspections will be deleted without warning.)
62 351 09/16/2014
by: resqman
Collapse This Category  Make Your Publication Submissions Here    
Old Posts Article Submission Forum
Submitting a story is simple - just post your idea in our Article Submission Forum by starting a new topic. After it is reviewed and approved it will posted to the Frontpage.
1 2 01/16/2013
by: Stephen Lagueux
Old Posts Event Submissions - Tell Us About It !!!
Know of something happening in the home inspection arena? Tell us about it. Please provide as many particulars as possible, so TIJ can follow up on it.
512 587 08/23/2014
by: hausdok
Old Posts Feedback For TIJ
Letters to the Editor, Letters to Authors, Complaints for the Webmaster. This is the place to post them.
62 477 02/04/2014
by: Erby
Collapse This Category  Testing and Staff Work Forums    
Old Posts Please do all of your testing here
Do your testing here, keeps testing in one place instead of posting tests all over.
45 181 06/27/2013
by: Nolan Kienitz
Collapse This Category  North Seattle Community College H.I. Student Forum    
New Posts Res 142 Topics
9 16 10/20/2014
by: tmusicant
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