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  2. Right, old ungrounded wiring? Call for an upgrade. If an electrician says the wiring is OK, you've done your job anyway, by initiating a closer look. It is pretty common to see the original K&T wiring going to light fixtures, even when the wall outlets have newer wiring installed. A light fixture box could be always energized with one side of the light circuit going down to the switch and back. It is a good idea to carry a second sniffer of a different make to compare results. A really sensitive one might be useful for finding stray voltages on plumbing pipes. I had a garage door track that set off my more sensitive sniffer when the light was switched on. Even tho there was no real shock hazard, it convinced my clients they needed to replace the old wiring. Might have prevented a fire or shock down the road.
  3. Regardless of freezing, I believe the IRC requires one minimum 3" vent. However, its an old house. I doubt I would have mentioned it.
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  5. The metal shell of lighting fixtures that do not have a ground connected will often cause a voltage sniffer to alert.
  6. As Jim Katen mentioned, the lug will bear a stamp giving number of conductors and size of acceptable conductors. Aluminum SE and a copper conductor under the same screw at that lug? I thinks that is just asking for trouble...
  7. Thank you, Nolan. I'm moving through the PHI courses. I understand that many look at them as basic introductions to ground floor knowledge about the minimally needed skills to get started learning about...... (you get the idea) I agree. I ran a school with my wife for 10 years, teaching ladies how to become dental assistants. The course was billed as a "basic" course, even though it included significantly more hours and lab time than any competitor, and continually presented new developments in the industry. Course content often changed between sessions. "Quickie" schools can be square and honest, or shady or incompetent. I'm pulling down quiz scores of 95.5% or higher, but I understand this is "just the beginning." I'll soak up what is presented and move ahead for more. The fun part about all of this is knowing that I had more stuffed into the back of my head than I realized. The questions I'm missing are generally due to the wording of the things, rather than the facts. It's a good start. I've been doing diagnostic work for nearly 3 decades. Part of what attracts me to this new line of work is that I will be actively looking for safety issues, along with the other areas of responsibility. Discovering, and reporting on conditions that may cause harm is something I can feel good about. I'd like to end the day knowing my work is important for something other than just the big guys' bottom line.
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  9. That reminded me that Chrome has a 'set pages' setting that allows you to decide which site pages the browser will open up to so I set one of those pages to and that works best for me.
  10. Open the page you like, such as All Activity, and then save that as a Bookmark. Delete the old bookmarks.
  11. I close the browser each time I leave my computer and used the "activity" tab then "unread content" when I visit the site. Since I found that tab, it works like a charm now.
  12. Try it now... let me know if you find anything else. Thanks for the feedback!
  13. How do you comment or make a reply to any articles that get posted on TIJ? I see a comments tag at the bottom of the article but nothing happens when I try to use it. Or quite possibly I'm just missing something obvious. On another inspection website, the format does not allow you to make remarks about an article that gets printed. Is that the same here?
  14. If your looking for the inspector locator, it was moved back to the website for now: It will be linked up back up in the future.
  15. We are on a new server with a different IP from before. We are also https now with new software, every page url has changed including the home page (now https). Old bookmarks are junk. It could also be the DNS Resolver Cache on your machine (pointing to old IP), it's only a couple steps to flush.
  16. ...this tablet points to the old one too, it appears. Tells me what I seek is no longer there. Except this little home button gets me there.
  17. Flush and Reset the DNS Resolver Cache in Windows 8? Sounds like it could be pointing at the old IP possibly? But before doing that why not try and login with a different browser on that machine?
  18. That was funny.
  19. Chad, Probably should stick with the standard abbreviation D.F.U., well, cuz FU.
  20. Thanks!
  21. Where it freezes, the vent diameter must be at least three inches to prevent frost closure. I'm not bothered by the change in size and I couldn't find anything that prohibits it- if water is running down the pipe it flows from smaller to larger. What probably limits the size is the number of fixture units. If I'm right and that's 2-1/2 inch pipe, just 6 FU's are allowed. If it's 3-inch pipe 12 FU's are allowed and it's probably OK for any normal modest house. All that said, it probably works fine.
  22. ...tells me site cannot be located. After more tries my account is locked.
  23. What's the message your getting when trying to login?
  24. Seems like this vent should not be reduced as it rises above the house, right?
  25. I need Ramsey contact info to refer him to customer, but new site won't help me find it.
  26. I can log in with Android tablet but not with Windows laptop.
  27. Thanks for the comment, Chad. Dorey will be released -unharmed- at the agreed upon time and place.
  28. Thanks, Jim. I've committed to following your advice. It's not easy to let go of bad habits. The reward will be clients who are better served through easier to read reports.
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