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  2. Jim, After seeing that shirt I may have gone the other way! Good to see you guys meeting up!
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  4. Frederick, would help if you told us a little about your conpany. thanks and good luck with the growth!
  5. It was great to finally meet Marc and his wife, we've been having fun.
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  7. Having a blast. Brought the spouse yesterday for the welcoming event. Meeting friends.
  8. Sometimes you just have to enjoy the scenery.
  9. Hello, Our Atlanta based company is preparing for some major growth and we are seeking a highly experienced and business savvy certified home inspector to serve as our Chief Operations Officer/COO. To learn more and apply, please visit: https://bit.ly/30AVihd Also, if you know someone who is qualified for this position, feel free to forward the above link to them. Thanks!
  10. Vargas was quite the artist. https://www.pinterest.com/nancyjeannine/vargas-girls/
  11. wit, guile and charm. This kind of content makes TIJ what it is.
  12. I don't understand. Nurses are on their feet all day; wouldn't she be better off wearing flats? Pantyhose came out in 1959. I'd have thought that nurses would have been early adopters. And what's with the dog? Is this a *veterinary* nurse?
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  14. I'm curious, does yours have the "advanced flow control feature." If so, does it work well? If not, do you get temperature swings when you turn multiple fixtures on and off? What did it do to your electric bill?
  15. Yes. Each unit had a 175-amp service with what looked like oversized feeders. When the water heaters were running, the meters spun furiously. They could easily accommodate two showers at once, but when you added the dishwasher & washing machine, they just dribbled.
  16. I didn't write it. Our inspection was on Thursday & Friday and I left for IW first thing Saturday. One of my partners will be writing it this weekend. If I were to write the report, I'd include it as an FYI note: These water heaters have an “Advanced Flow Control” feature. It ensures that the hot water temperature doesn’t fluctuate very much (a common problem with many other on-demand water heaters), but it does this by reducing the flow of water when too many fixtures run at once. For instance, if a resident runs the dishwasher and the washing machine (on hot setting) while taking a shower, the shower flow will be much lower than it would be if the other fixtures weren’t running. Consider telling the residents about this at their orientation to avoid complaints after they move in.
  17. As the person that started this thread way back in 2014, I can report that we are happy with the water heater and have no regrets in the purchase.
  18. Reminds me of a Frank Zappa song called Dirty Love.
  19. That's about 123,000 btu/hr. The largest resid gas-fueled tankless heater you'll find here is 199,000 btu/hr, so 123K isn't too bad off. The service entrances must be large and the electrical grid possessed of abundant capacity for the utility to allow such a thirsty water heater.
  20. how did you write it. not looking for verbatim, rather how was it reported? This info is what i learned today; january 18th, 2020.
  21. I'm reviving this discussion because I just finished inspecting 30 units that were all equipped with Stiebel Eltron Tempra 36 water heaters. (36kw fed with three 50-amp breakers.) We were going through the units with 3 inspectors so we had the kitchen sink, dishwasher, washing machine (set on a hot cycle), showers, and sinks all running at once at times. I was amazed at how steady the hot water temperature was. It hardly fluctuated at all. However, it did this with their "Advanced Flow Control" technology. As we piled on fixtures, the water heater simply cut the water flow to maintain an even temperature. So when everything was running, only a trickle of water was coming from each one. I imagine that the residents will quickly learn how far they can push it and still get the shampoo out of their hair. (Any two fixtures at once were fine, but after that, the flow started to choke down.)
  22. Bill Kibbel, I'd appreciate it if you would send me your specific advice. Thank you. And thank you to everyone commenting here.
  23. It's quite likely algae. It's common in cooling towers here throughout the summer. The same algae grows in my pond. I don't think that identifying the Latin name of the stuff is as important as proper cleaning, maintenance, shutdown procedure and water treatment. I have specific advice I can send you, if you'd like.
  24. My AFCI did trip on my refrigerator and ruined all the food in it. So, yes it is a problem. The AFCI is only a few months old, my refrgerator still works perfectly, a whirlpool. I'm going to change out the breaker (20 Amp) for a regular one and put in a GFI receptacle on it and damn the code. I can't keep losing food.
  25. I need two thermostat covers any other ideas if not avaiable they measure 2 3/4 wide by 4 7/8 tall.Outside measurements. 50 to 90 degrees numbers above narrow thermostat window.Any help would be appreciated
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