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  2. How bad is this?

    Very few inspections of mine over the last 14 years had reported repair costs less than 4x the inspection fee. Certainly less than 1 in 20. That includes several hundred newly constructed homes. Caveat emptor.
  3. How bad is this?

    I plan to if I see nothing horrendous. Just don't want to spend money on that just yet
  4. How bad is this?

    If you want to know what you're buying you should hire a qualified home inspector for a complete Home Inspection.
  5. How bad is this?

    We are going back this Saturday for a crawl space inspection. I will look more closely and for another panel.
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  7. How bad is this?

    I see a cable in there with the sheathing stripped away to about a foot or two above the top of the panel. Sheathing should not be removed until the cable is inside the panel. NM cable should be protected from damage where exposed. Each cable should be secured at entry into the panel with it's own connector, in compliance with the specs of the connector. It's the mortgage company that determines if corrections are needed.
  8. How bad is this?

    First of all, is it a service panel or is it a sub-panel with the main breaker somewhere else? If a sub, then the feeder and the breaker upstream of it determines the rating of that panel. I see the branch wiring looks a bit messy and that can be fixed with staples, preferably through the drywall into wood, but if no wood, the staples will help. If that is the first breaker after the meter, the service conductors from the meter probably come directly into the back of the panel, encased in conduit in the wall. We would normally pull the cover and take a pic of those conductors and estimate their size. Check closely for an amperage rating on that main breaker. They are almost always marked in the factory. Then check for a rating on the meter. The smallest of those 3 ratings is the true size of the service. Any reputable Electrician or HI can do this in a few minutes.
  9. How bad is this?

    I can't find a total amperage rating and how about those wires? Please do tell what's wrong and will this require repair before a mortgage is approved?
  10. Garet's retired, but he might be able to recommend someone.
  11. London Fire Article

    Who are you and what have you done with Les VanAlstine?
  12. London Fire Article

    I agree with Marc. I really enjoyed the writing and the subject matter, but I am an inspector. Don't think it is the best piece for the public.
  13. London Fire Article

    When you're dealing with an esoteric subject matter and you're writing for a broad audience, it's very challenging to make an article readable enough to compel any but the most ardent reader to finish it. I think "unbridled" is exactly the right approach. The article is understandable to a very broad audience. If he clenched his ass cheeks, pursed his lips and scowled while he wrote it, nobody would read it.
  14. London Fire Article

    I'll buy his fluency with his subject material but this article isn't the best example of his writing style, it borders on lunacy. He's becoming more and more unbridled.
  15. London Fire Article

    I'm sure you've heard about the fire in London. Here's Listiburek's take on the whole thing. Joe Listiburek is really smart. He's highly educated and he deals with complex subjects. While you're reading about the fire, I urge you to take note of his writing style- it is exactly what Jimmy was talking about in his series of excellent tutorials. Lstiburek's thoughts
  16. View overlooking Nantasket Roads approach to Boston Harbor, MA USA My 'office' at work yesterday...
  17. Call from a Realtor

    Lawsuits and client expectations rid the profession of the inept and careless. Unfortunately, the HI Schools false advertising of how easy it is to make money brings in new inept and careless to feed the wheel. The cycle endlessly repeats itself but every now and then a few good ones slip into the profession.
  18. Functioning as intended

    Someone is opening up all those old posts again, huh!
  19. Functioning as intended

    Sheesh, I don't hold back on my disgust of the silly state-mandated mentions: "There is no moisture retarder installed at the ceiling level. The State Board of Home Inspectors requires that I report this but you can disregard it. Moisture retarders are not of much consequence in this hot/humid climate we love here. That's mostly for folks up in northern frigid climates to worry about."
  20. Call from a Realtor

    In Louisiana, the influence of Realtors is such that the most successful inspectors in the state are not the ones with the greatest expertise anymore, but the inept and careless. The inept and careless, by their nature, miss things and report less. That helps protect the Realtor's commission. End of rant.
  21. "Hi, Chad? This is Pushy McPushface from Howard Hanna. Can you do an inspection on Monday starting at 6PM? "Hi Pushy, I'm sorry, I can't start that late- I need daylight for the entire inspection." "Oh. How long does it take to inspect 1,700 sf ranch built in 1972?" "Three to four hours." "Oh. I'll have to get back to you." ...and that is why I have nothing to do with realtors.
  22. Crawlspace height

    Yup. Nothing less than P-100. Love the pink....
  23. Functioning as intended

    I don't do positive affirmations. As required by my state, I check the box "Inspected" and move on if there is nothing negative to report. Like Hausdok, I report on what is wrong. The one exception is the requirement in the SOP to give an opinion of the foundation. In that one instance I use the dreaded "Functioning as intended" phrase just so I don't start writing foolish things that I might regret later. (i.e. it is hard, flat, located on the ground, and I like it just fine but the color is a little boring) - just to meet the state requirement to give my opinion)
  24. Crawlspace height

    Dust mask won't block Hantavirus. Need a respirator with P-100 filters.
  25. Crawlspace height

    Piece of cake for Jim. Past the hatch, it widens to 14" so he was able to breath that lovely dust. You'all have Hanta virus down there, so a dust mask is pretty important. Other than that, I'd have a screwdriver, camera and a light. Lost a few screwdrivers that way.
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