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  2. “A house can have integrity, just like a person,' said Roark, 'and just as seldom.”
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  4. Ya know, it might be that an original capacitor-start motor was replaced with an ECM motor. ECMs don't use capacitors, they're 'electronically commutated', if that makes any sense. If that were true, the control circuitry would need to be replaced also.
  5. Really? I've seen many - or perhaps the capacitors were hidden.
  6. If the buyer walked that faucet likely was not the only problem you found. The listing agent was likely used to the "other" kind of inspector who never causes a deal to go down.
  7. With that age they have to be "Patina".
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  9. My guess is that the motor has a cap mounted on it, a replacement maybe, need pics.
  10. Sometimes damage occurs during an open house, perpetrator is long gone, the seller may not be aware it happened, and the agent only hears one side. The faucet can probably be repaired by a competent plumber. Sounds like a generic estimate for a full replacement with tile work.
  11. I don't recall ever seeing a blower with other than a capacitor-start motor. That unconnected capacitor is a mystery to me.
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  13. I don't understand GREEN. Are they Hunter Green, Forest Green, Chateau Green, Mint Green, Emerald Green, Empire Green, Pastel Green, Evergreen, or Veridian?
  14. I'm wondering if that's how Sears or Wardway shipped their shingles with their kit homes. . .
  15. Kentucky used to have the same allowance of an uphill drain IF there was a tiny hole in the bottom of the trap. Not no more.
  16. Found in the attic of a 1922 house. I've seen lots of old bundles of shingles in the corners of basements, garages, & crawlspaces, but I've never seen asphalt shingles packed in cedar crates. Even the oldest were wrapped in Kraft paper or something similar. Maybe I've just led a sheltered life.
  17. One of my partners snapped this picture of an unconnected capacitor in a 2013 furnace. My best guess is that the manufacturer uses one shroud for both its cap blowers and its non-cap blowers. Any other insights?
  18. I doubt that you'll ever hear from her or about her again. That kind of behavior doesn't tend to result in a successful career in the world of real estate.
  19. Wouldn't surprise me. Money, and the lust for it, changes people.
  20. I told the agent that I am paid, in part, to test the showers in the home and that when I did the handle of the shower valve came off in my hand. I told her I take no responsibility for this defect and that it was certainly there before the inspection. I did not use excessive force to turn the shower on. I respectfully declined to contact my insurance or contribute to any repair costs. She insulted me and told me that my "lack of professionalism has been duly noted". Perhaps she has had others lay down when commanded to?
  21. I suspect an underlying issue, such as your expertise being too great for the listing agent's liking, wants to damage you if he can. What Jim said. If ever there was a right time to fight, this is it. If your insurance is InspectorPro, update them. If it's not...I dunno if it's a good idea or not to bring them in.
  22. I'd explain it to the listing agent exactly as you did to us. I'd decline to pay for it and go about my business. If they're serious, they'll follow up but in my experience, they never do.
  23. I just received an email from a listing agent regarding a home I inspected several weeks ago. During the inspection, the handle on the master shower valve felt oddly loose, had little resistance when turned, and fell off in my hand. The listing agent is claiming that there was no issue prior to the inspection, and that I broke the valve by "over turning it". This is absurd. It was clearly installed wrong or defective when I arrived. A plumber came out, said the shower valve must be replaced, and gave a quote of nearly $2,000. They want my insurer to pay this. The buyer terminated and I can't h
  24. Hello! This is a brown-ish growth on a light fixture. Could something like this be a type of mold? There are some green spots underneath/around. Photo: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1toe9Qbco1x6Xb96a7USLuGnT8fIjD9_W/view?usp=sharing
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