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  2. What Marc said. It could easily be a leaking joint. When they replaced the water heater, they probably didn't even look at the furnace. On another note, your garage floor is supposed to slope to drain to the driveway. If it really had an inch of water in it, something's wrong there as well.
  3. They're not overly complicated systems. Have a look at it, see if you can determine where it's leaking.
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  5. I recently inherited a condo with an Apollo HydroHeat system. I know the previous owner replaced the hot water heater less than a year ago with a bigger, better one. However, when I got up this morning and walked into the garage water was pouring from the furnace and the garage floor was under an inch of water. I turned off the water and the water heater and am wondering what's next. Do I need a part or a whole new furnace??? J.D. Vancouver, WA.
  6. thought the top might be a smoked colored lens like skylights i've seen let us know if/when you find out
  7. I have never seen light tube without a lens on top. I did not have access to the unit below.
  8. wag: solar tube skylight what was below
  9. Last week
  10. Bathrooms and kitchens were on the other side of the building so not likely. I could see no lint if they were for dryer vents. No smell. There was a sister building and that had the same thing near the AC units.
  11. If it's got a collar on top to clamp a pipe directly, it's probably intended to be a direct exhaust/direct vent installation. If it's set up as an atmospheric vent system, that's probably the wrong model WH.
  12. I've never seen that type. I would guess they're extraction fan terminations (bath fans). What's the pipe diameter? What did they smell like?
  13. Ya know, when my father got mad, his cursing had a rhythm to it, like a song. We had to be careful not to laugh or he's get more angry.
  14. My wife asks me to turn on our antique oven. "Ooh baby, it's gonna get hot in here."
  15. I saw these on a 2009 building and do not know what they are.
  16. Make a tea, Slippery Elm or Cascara bark if you have that. 😀
  17. I'm pretty sure this has been covered at least twice before, but the mind is going. No draft inducer, no draft hood/diverter. Might this perhaps be kosher?
  18. Dirty talk? Like, oh sh*t, or gosh-dang? Or, like, I'm gonna push this in. . .
  19. Okay, once removed from the pit lid, what's the dang secret to getting the lid gasket around a 2" pump discharge pipe back in place?
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  21. The neutral must accompany each circuit. It's because separating them results in stray magnetic fields that can heat conductive materials in the vicinity. Besides that, the codes offer no formula for calculating the size of common neutrals that serve several branch circuits.
  22. This is the other panel - I don't know if subpanel is the right word. The 100A main has no wires running to it.
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