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  2. "Stachybotris'll get you if you don't watch out!"
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  4. Was this ever solved? I'm facing the exact same problem. Thanks
  5. Thanks, Marc, but I understood there are 3 elements. It's not clear what the rating of each is. I'd be concerned if the total load is increased by 6 amps. Also that age of house means a possibility of Al wiring, so an electrician should have a look.
  6. I'm guessing they wouldn't have to pay interest if the judgement was overturned?
  7. 4,500 watts adds 2 amps to the draw. I doubt that 2 amps will make much of a difference, but I'd consider if the old dog is worth both a new element and the risk of something going wrong while trying to replace it.
  8. Bigger elements means a bigger draw on the electrical feeder from your main panel. Instead of worrying about the old elements that still work, have an electrician check the wiring in your house, including that feeder to the tank. If you have to replace you could go down to two elements and reduce the draw on your system. It will still heat the water, just a little slower.
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  10. I'm sure mine is made the year of 1969 and plan to change the heating elements, as I lived here going on 10 years and haven't touched it yet. Even I got to see what they look like, Can I use 4500 wt heating elements when it uses or calls for 4000 wt?? still looking for the ones it calls for.
  11. There is no such thing as toxic "Black Mold". This is a term designed to sell newspaper, TV, and internet advertising; along with mold testing. Yes, there is mold, black mold, green mold, yellow mold, etc. everywhere on the planet. If you are going to worry about cleaning the deck, what about the fence, and the soil, the plants, etc. If you have a moisture problem inside your home, you might have a problem with mold. Fix the moisture problem, clean up the mold and move on with life. DO NOT WORRY about outdoor mold. You can't do anything worthwhile about it even if you tried.
  12. There's mold spores everywhere on the planet. Always was, always will be They're on your skin. They're on your eyeballs. Stop reading bs mold hype from the media, lawyers and mold-is-gold con artists. Worry about real problems or live in a plastic bubble. Sorry, but this mold crap has gone too far.
  13. Good grief! Of course it's mold. So what?
  14. Does that look like black mold or dirt? My concern is that we've had the windows open for several days last week. Marc, do you think this looks like mold?
  15. As long as it's not inside the house, I wouldn't worry.
  16. So do you think this is black mold? I went to home depot and got a mold test kit and have to wait 24 to 48 hours. I guess we will see. Hopefully more people will comment. It's odd because the black specs dont seem to follow any sort of pattern, it's appearing on brand new wood as well if you look at the photos. When I try to wipe it off it's very resistant. Like it's dried up. The size and shape are smaller, dark brown/black, and sharp. They don't wipe easy.
  17. Fungi Growth, the beginning of fungal wood rot.
  18. Hi there, I was curious if I could get opinions on this. Moved into these apartments quite sometime ago, but now that the weather is getting cold, we've decided to open up our windows for the last few weeks. I noticed these spots in summer but brushed it off as it was probably dirt. There are 3 levels to these apartments and 5 different buildings, each 3 levels. I'm assuming they do testing on these every year? Maybe not. It's all over the stairs and railings as well. Does this look like black mold or just dirt. It does look pretty dark but I don't know if it is completely black. I got up close to some of the spots and they are pretty large in size, the girth being like the size of little pebbles (quite a bit bigger than sand), I don't remember mold ever forming in these bigger pebble sizes, I always thought they were more velvety and flat, and grew in corners and stuff. I could be wrong. The hangers of wood above is because we are on the 2nd floor (middle floor) and there is people above us and below us. I'm concerned because we had the windows open, and my girlfriend is pregnant. What should I do? I feel like if I reach out to the landlord then nothing will be done, and something should have already been done about it. The black spots seem to form near the cracks of the wood. My only other thought is that since there are people above us the dirt from the floor is draining down when we get rain and forming this after drying. We are in the midwest. Thank you all!
  19. Maybe Howard is still around. Go back to page 1, read what he says and try his contact info. $500 for a blower that fits versus $200 for one that probably doesn't fit and if made to fit, will leak or won't do the job. Just pay the money and get the right one. I know money is tight for most home owners but there are some places where cutting corners doesn't pay. I think 1082 is a 1982 unit, so it's had a good run and is still worth a repair.
  20. Oh, I get it now. Thank's Jim. This is a good thread for newbs like me, who are trying to learn more.
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  22. Never seen a bearing that I couldn't replace.
  23. Aren't they bushing bearings? Can't replace them because you can't locate new ones.
  24. Hi, It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that iNACHI and Nick have appealed. They are in it up to their necks to the tune of just over $600K combined, with an annual interest rate of 6% until it's all paid, as the document below will affirm. We all know that I'm incapable of doing even second-grade math; but, if I pushed the right buttons on this calculator, that amounts to over $36K a year in interest alone. That's one huge Ouuuuuuch!!! ONE TEAM - ONE FIGHT!!! Mike S0708904.PDF
  25. NG filed some motions. Friend of mine sent me the below screen clip.
  26. I know the general height requirements for an attic renovation. What about this narrow hallway where only about 24 inches has a 7 foot plus clearance? Is there code to address that in particular?
  27. Why not just replace the bearings on the existing motor?
  28. I'd stick with getting an exact replacement part. Keep shopping.
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