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  2. Reminds me of when I was a kid. We went to visit my cousins in Pittsburgh and all went out for vanilla ice cream cones. My cousins showed me how if you just hold up your cone in the air for a while without licking it, a grey film formed on the ice cream and dripped down it in streaks - just like the streaks in those pictures. According to them it was coal dust, which was thick in the Pittsburgh air in the '60s. They insisted that it made the ice cream taste better. Did this roof taste better?
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  4. Probably just the same algae you see on shingle roofs streaking down the slope.
  5. Maybe it's from the squeeze out at the seams. You don't see as much streaking at the sides of the roof where he water flows sideways on account of the sag in the joists.
  6. at some point it likely was swept? the streaks remind me of carbon - nearby fire?
  7. Is it coming off the ugly coping goo joints?
  8. What do you think would cause the black streaking on this roof cover? It reminds me of black algae on the north side of the shingles roof but I don't think I've seen this before. The roof was in good condition and I would estimate around 10 years old or so.
  9. Based on the quality of the workmanship, I'd say someone was using the opportunity to practice.
  10. After applying zoom I stand corrected. So it greater begs that question of why go to this trouble for almost no viewers.
  11. They don't look unstruck to me. It looks like it was deliberately pointed with a beading tool.
  12. Is it just a plain electric furnace, or is it part of a heat pump system?
  13. It's really not that much of a squeeze, unless the person going through has a big ass! 😎😎😎
  14. aka "weeping mortar", "slobber joint" etc, depending on where you are in the country.
  15. I mean replace whole system, It looks like there was 2 metal filters above the fan but only one expanded metal one is in it. Can I use a better quality heap filter if I can find the right measurements? Date says January 13 1982
  16. I have a WESCO, Trying to figure out filter and if I should just replace. Serial no. B - 699185. Any help or information would be appreciated. Anna
  17. When they place the unit and the mortar gets mashed out they don't cut away the excess from the surface. After it sets a little it might be "struck" to give the brick face just a little relief. I might have a pic I will post of a house near me where the mason was instructed to over butter each brick so that it runs down a little. Around here we call it "the castle". Looks like something the Munsters would live in.
  18. Those unstruck mortar joints are also a style statement. In such narrow spaces who would appreciate it? Maybe it was offered as a cost cut.
  19. You did good, Erby. Looks like quite a squeeze thru the opening.
  20. While this one was due to the seller not moving his trailer, I've often set up my little ladder like this rather than using the beat up drop down ladder..
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  22. Seems like an incredibly dumb idea. In my area, even a baby earthquake would make a mess of that.
  23. I found this very odd. The lower wall on this hundred plus-year-old house was wood studs. But brick was installed about 6 foot above the foundation. Has anyone seen this before? There were other houses in the neighborhood just like this one with the fake stone in front but the masonry walls extend all the way down to the foundation. ??
  24. I don't know what to call it but mofogazebo or gazebississimo, but it must be a current undercurrent in people's thinking. My wife is lobbying for me to build something stout, outdoors, and open to weather.
  25. I don't know, Erby. That one looks tricky as the one in my picture.
  26. If you've got a LG type multi position ladder, just strip the outer part off, extend it out straight and it'll lay right over that risky attic drop down ladder.
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