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    • 1 hour ago, Tom Raymond said:

      Isn't the purpose of licensing for consumer protection? Guess that's not important anymore.

      New NJ law effective summer of 2021.   It is now illegal for professional licensing boards to "discriminate" against candidates based on any criminal history or criminal conduct.

      Apparently, public protection = discrimination.

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    • By Zach Cross
      Hi folks, I'm trying to trouble shoot an electrical issue at my in-law's 1947 home.  Apparently, they were using an extension cord at a living room receptacle, and yanked on the cord abruptly and the receptacle stopped working.  I used my electrical tester and the receptacle reads hot and ground reversed. I pulled the receptacle out, checked all the connections and everything is secure. Wires coming into the box are energized. It is only when the mounting screws on the receptacle are f
    • By mmahdi
      Hello, I have a pair of AirCo furnaces in my up/down duplex. The downflow furnace's blower motor bearings seized.  The technician is having a hard time finding bearings and thinks it's hard to get it off the shaft, but, thinks it's doable.  I've read these furnaces are very reliable and all can be fixed other than the heat exchanger, which is very unlikely to go. My questions are: 1) is it worth spending the money to conduct this repair and can I *reasonably* expect reliable
    • By Bill Kibbel
      But, I'm going to use his explanation for clients. https://twitter.com/i/status/1720082568845172989
    • By Valerie
      Any idea the size of this hot water heater and it is US gallons and imperial? Brock model IB32-R Serial #D020561823 
    • By Seanneedhelp
      Have a 720w 8 bar style led with 3 drivers. Woke up this morning and 3 of the 8 bars are just barely lit up while the others are running like usual, tried driver on other bars and it works fine. So assuming problem is in the 3 way harness that connects the 3 bars to 1 driver Took apart and white neutral wire has a little discoloration right where it connects to the light on all 3 bars. Any ideas? Could the neutral not getting a good connection cause the leds to just barely light up?
    • By Mike Lamb
      Should aluminum strand branch wiring be called out the same as single wire aluminum? I read on at least one site that was okay but I don't know if that is credible information. I have called for panel replacement. Should the aluminum branch circuit wiring also be called out? The circuit is for a wall AC unit.  
    • By Whalen68
      I have a 10 x 15 foot room that used to be a screened porch.  It was bricked in many years ago by a previous occupant.  The ceiling was in horrible shape.  I removed it.  Now I have 2 x 8 horizontal trusses and 2x4 supported roof deck.   How should I insulate this before I close it back up?  
    • By tabir
      Have had a leak at the abutment join with the neighbours for some time now. We are stepped down from them and it appears the issue has existed for quite some time as plenty of bodges to try and fix it have been found. We decided to get a new roof eventually as it was looking tired anyway but the problem still exists and the roofer is saying it’s nothing to do with him now and the bricks on next doors gable end have gone porous. On removal of the original roof we discovered the stepped lead flash
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      It's time to get rid of it all.

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      It's time to get rid of it all.

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      It's time to get rid of it all.

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    • I'm at that point in life also where I must deal with everything I've collected, but I don't plan on pitching anything. That I leave to the relative who has agreed to disperse with my estate once I'm gone. I don't want to do it while I'm still here. To borrow the words of Caption Jean-Luc Picard - please don't bury me before I'm dead.
    • this is just a smidge of the stuff I am pitching or shipping! The ASHI manuals from 1979 are near and dear to my heart - but must go.  I have about 100 book about the concept of house/home that were invaluable to my formative years and my concept of what a house is;  more than the sum of its components. 
    • Guys, Geez, I'm sorry to hear about your health problems. Marc is right about your ability to contribute and your legacy of contribution. You'll all have to find some way to contribute. My career focus changed to litigation support, and I now spend the time I used to spend here with my nose buried in manufacturer's instructions or code books. I've been coming back lately, and it feels the same as my childhood neighborhood. When I started, I would have paid any of you to review my reports; if you can't stand that idea, create a collaboration to write good books- nobody's interested in that effort. There is a dearth of valuable information available for beginners and those who want to improve their skills. Start a "dollar comment" where you can sell item comments individually. Nick's group has an absolute idiot writing shit for sale and he's killing it You guys have all that knowledge AND the ability to share it so others understand. It's a super rare combination in this profession.    40 WPM, that's such a burden. Wait. On a good day, I type 35, and there aren't that many good days. Thank God for speech-to-text engines. 
    • We might've dined at the same table a time or two, but those were big tables filled with big personalities and I mostly concentrated on listening. Vallarta was the first time I remember meeting and speaking with the author of one of my favorite columns: "Ask Auntie Jim." Glad to see so many of you OGs are still at it, Jimmy  
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