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    • By Jim Katen
      I have only passing familiarity with slate roofs, but I've never seen a slate roof system like this. There's plastic interlayment between every course and each slate is held in place by hooks. The overlap between slates is only 1/2" to 1-1/2". Clearly this is some kind of proprietary system, but I'm not familiar with it. Does anyone recognize it? 
    • By Jerry Simon
      Should these be glazed with tempered glass?
    • By Mike Lamb
      This has happened to me once before. I kick my foot through the photoelectric safety reverse beam of the overhead garage door - near one of the beams - and the door does not reverse. I try again near the center of the door opening and the door goes up like it is supposed to. I repeat, and the same thing happens?? Anyone experience this? Remarks?
    • By tabir
      Hi. I am just looking for any advice or tips on how to get started in roof and building inspections. I am currently employed. I have been with my company 38 years and will be retiring at the end of the year. I would like to start a drone business when I retire as a means to supplement my income and to stay busy. Over the next 9 months I want to start honing my skills and getting the equipment and training I will need to get started Concrete surveillance ADVERTISING LINK REMOVED. I currently own
    • By John Dirks Jr
      At the Post Office building where I also work I sometimes have to go up on the roof and reset the HVAC unit.   Next to the unit is a yard hydrant.  Is there a code compliance that insists this gets installed and what is the intended purpose?    
    • By John Dirks Jr
    • By John Dirks Jr
      For perspective, this wooden mailbox opening is about 6x8 inches.   
    • By Michael Brown
      Got another question about the vapor barrier in our car port/workshop. I'm putting in R28 insulation and was thinking of putting a layer of GPS over that and then covering with a soffit material. 2 x 10 I-Joists. Really not sure if this should be covered in poly with acoustic sealer or not? There seems to be a few different opinions on how this should be done including the insulation. Any advise would be helpful.  
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