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    My suggestions: • SFMOMA (you are walking distance) • Avoid Pier 39 • Ferry Building on the Embarcadero. Exploratorium is cool, but only if you have the time • Walk through Fisherman’s Wharf, but don’t linger and if you miss it altogether, that’s okay • Explore the waterfront: Fort mason, Marina green, Crissy field, Palace of Fine Arts • Drive tour the Presidio on your way to the Legion of Honor • Visit the DeYoung and explore Golden Gate park- natural history museum is a good call time permitting • Explore the Castro on foot • Stop at the Cliff House to get an overview of Ocean Beach. Thanh Long is a Vietnamese restaurant with incredible garlic crab • Hunan’s at 110 Natoma for excellent Chinese, and Yank Sing in the Rincon center for Dim Sum. Lots of fun bars in Northbeach • Top of the Mark Hopkins hotel for a drink, and the Tonga/hurricane room at the Fairmount as well • Go north across the Golden gate working your way to Bolinas. Bolinas peeps keep themselves hard to find so enjoy everything along the way Cheers, John
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    Book nerds would include City Lights bookstore.
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    Take the time to walk across the bridge, doesn't take that long, great views of the bay, and helps work up that appetite.
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    We stay North across the bridge in Sausalito, Tiburon or Mill Valley. Hog Island oysters and cocktails at The Farmhouse in Point Reyes.
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    Consider going just North of SFO and visiting Muir Woods. They are just beautiful. That side of the bay/city is totally different than SFO as well. https://www.nps.gov/muwo/index.htm
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    Hey Steven, we were there abt a month ago and passed on the Alcatraz tour. Maybe it is the criminal in my past life that made us not go. I really enjoyed the wharf(s) and the guided bus tour, open top one. I had only been on one other tour in my life and went into that one with a bad attitude, came away feeling pretty good. The entire city was lots of fun!
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    Yep. This place full of 'em.
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    Buncha whining old farts. . .
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    My friends from the Ukraine tell me that on-demand gas water heaters are by far the most popular there. Are tank-type water heaters even an option for you in the Ukraine?
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    like JK i've had great luck w/near new used...last house/set i picked up for $750 has lasted over 10 yrs paid around $100~$150 per appliance...range, frig, dw, w & d bought from individuals in higher-end markets & got 3 of 5 from 1 seller wound up doing inspections for them & their family mems later always get receipts, document make/model/serial in case of theft, natural disaster or other catastrophes always keep total cost below tenants deposit just in case their background blows up during their tenancy once had to file theft charges/insurance claim for what on 1st appearance seemed like a very nice couple w/1 kid things went south in their relationship & 1 of them thought that taking the kit appliances was a good idea...not
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    We just opened up a vacation rental suite this year and bought all the appliances locally second hand, $100 -125 each. The dishwasher is only a year old and has a stainless steel liner. The range is like new and is spotless under the burners. The reason they were sold for cheap is simple - they are all white. The range has the old style burners, no glass top. Easier to keep clean, no fear of scratches. Brand names are pretty irrelevant, as most are owned by Whirlpool. A 10 year old washer is junk, worn out. Some or the older units are a good buy now, but that's hit or miss. The high-end appliances are more trouble than they are worth, cheap circuit boards and fussy controls. Design a white kitchen with white cabinet doors, modern brushed steel handles, and search local classifieds. Good luck, and welcome to the Inspector's Journal.