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    I heard of one inspector who saw the note on the front door not to let the cat out. When he was finishing up and went outside and then came back, the cat was on the front porch. He put the cat back in the house and left. Wasn't their cat; cat destroyed the drapes, furniture, etc.
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    New construction. Good grief. . .
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    So, that was a huge mistake on the inspector's part, but probably not for the reason that you're thinking. The inspector should have looked at the presence of mold as a *symptom* of a moisture problem and he should have addressed that problem in his report, with strong advice about how to reduce moisture levels in the attic. After moisture is totally under control, then it might be appropriate to address the mold - maybe. Remember that no matter how much you treat the mold, it'll just come back if you don't fix the problem that caused it in the first place. And if you truly fix the problem, the mold will stop growing anyway. Removing old, dead mold might be a good idea, but it shouldn't be the priority.
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    It's probably not the culprit. The mold forms when the wood gets damp and stays damp for a long time. Occasional inrushes of cold outdoor air would probably help to ventilate the space and reduce moisture levels up there. The worst attic mold problems I see occur in poorly ventilated attics where a moisture source - often poorly vented bathroom exhaust fans, direct warm moist air into the attic. Once in the attic, the water vapor in the air condenses on the coldest surfaces in the attic: usually the underside of the north-facing roof planes. The missing wall was almost certainly not the problem.
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    Sounds like the moisture that allowed the mold to grow was interior moisture that got into the attic. It's warmer in the interior than the attic in the winter so if that interior air gets into the cold attic, condensation might result, giving old spores what it needs to grow. I don't see what the lack of a firewall between garage and attic has to do with this mold growth.
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    It should enable you to pass the exam, but more importantly, it should show up areas where you're weak and need to focus your energy on further training.
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    It's OK. There are 57 states and Washington captured all the airports.
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    Little Calumet River, Blue Island, IL
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    or I could go next door to my kids's law office.😊
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    As well as the one on the left....
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    Now that is the Mike I know and love!
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    Read this story to see how a single missing comma recently cost a Maine company $10 million. Commas matter. Words matter more. Make sure your reports are written in such a way that they are impossible to misunderstand.
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    A reference for Truss Handling, Installing Restraining & Bracing from the Truss Plate Institute and the Structural Building Components Association: Handling, Installing, Restraining & Bracing of Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses
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