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    "Functioning as ANYthing (intended, designed, advertised)" is nothing more than just "functioning". I suppose a furnace could be installed improperly, yet still warm the building without CO sharing airspace with the residents. It's "functioning", doing its bit as a furnace, but that can have little or nothing to do with a proper installation. I'm new to this, but that strikes me as a BS phrase designed to make someone sound high brow. And, apparently, in some places it is functioned and intended..
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    it's a good thing when the Heads are aligned proper water table trim when produced from wood requires the bottom kerf or expect premature failure
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    Very few inspections of mine over the last 14 years had reported repair costs less than 4x the inspection fee. Certainly less than 1 in 20. That includes several hundred newly constructed homes. Caveat emptor.
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    "Hi, Chad? This is Pushy McPushface from Howard Hanna. Can you do an inspection on Monday starting at 6PM? "Hi Pushy, I'm sorry, I can't start that late- I need daylight for the entire inspection." "Oh. How long does it take to inspect 1,700 sf ranch built in 1972?" "Three to four hours." "Oh. I'll have to get back to you." ...and that is why I have nothing to do with realtors.
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    LOL!!! That was a good one.... I dunno what yo "Kena" is, or why you want it infected, but I'm not getting anywhere near it!
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    'The door has a little damage on it but works just fine. Just so you know I didn't miss it.'
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    It is a good example of when people apply decorative building elements without any consideration of how the faux parts/materials would be used if they were the real thing. One of the most common examples of this is when I see faux stone or bricks installed on cantilevers. It looks ridiculous to me.
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    People complained that vinyl windows didn't look like real windows so manufacturers started putting brickmold on them. It's supposed to be installed like a brickmold window, tight against the sheathing with a drip cap.
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    Why heck, Kurt. That's one of the nicest ways I've ever seen it said.
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    ........and on the bottom surface (just below what you can see in Chad's sketch), just in from the outer edge is a routed groove. The purpose of which is to break the surface tension of the flowing water so it drips off, rather than flow down onto the band trim and foundation surface......Greg
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    Hurricane Ridge is worth the drive if you ferry over to Olympic Peninsula. Pic taken in June
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    South Dakota The Badlands Black Hills Mount Rushmore Custer State Park Needles Highway If you're into cars, you could spend all day here! http://www.motionunlimitedmuseum.com/classiccars.html Wyoming Devils Tower & Yellowstone
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    There is an awesome car museum in Auburn, Indiana. About the only thing to keep you awake on that stretch of 90. Get off the interstate any chance you get.
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    Let me know when you'll be in Portland and we can meet up somewhere. What time of year? I suggest that, after Portland, you head west, see the Oregon wine country, and head for the coast. Take highway 101 into California. It's a much more interesting drive than I-5. Perhaps cut back east on 128 and go through Napa before heading into San Francisco.
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    I-90 through the Cascades offers lots of scenic views. Up at the crest is a ski area near a lake. I can't remember the name of it, (it might be "Summit") but the view is nice. The mountains get more steep-sided as you proceed west from the summit. If you can, take your time. There are small town and shops to explore, if you are into that. (I love to wander about....) There is a town a little ways above I-90 called "Leavenworth." Look it up. I haven't been there personally, but three of my daughters have and they loved it.
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    Dear Tom, I like whips too!
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    I like whips for that. $10 you get the conduit with the correct ends on it and the wires pulled through it already.
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    I often use the analogy they are very similar to strapping tape on packages. I have also asked, and not gotten an answer from mfg, how efflorescence affects them.
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    I'm not sure I could have resisted "testing" that.