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    Hope y'all adjust to the time loss, and have a great Spring!
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    I hope you charged an extra $20 for that. Are all the panels 3phase?
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    My morning inspection was pretty cool. A former "Knights of Phythias" lodge. Place is abandoned, built in 1900's. Exterior walls are solid concrete.
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    One of 7 panels at a former VFW. And then there's the 3-phase service 3-feet above the flat roof.
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    I guess I just don't have artistic sense. After you show us the picture, I can clearly see the art in it. Before, while I might see the same dang thing, I don't see the art until after YOU photograph it.
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    I agree. But you just know that once you take off that plastic cover, there's nothing filling the space. You could reach your whole arm up inside that stud bay, like a vet inseminating a cow.