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    I spend a lot of time in the Southeast, so I can translate. At an inspection last week, Jim discovered an outpouring of many problems, right from the start. Jim advised his client that he could abort the inspection and would only have to pay for Jim's time to that point. 10 minutes later, the client asked Jim to discontinue, payed a reduced fee and Jim later issued a letter the client could use to terminate the purchase agreement.
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    I found this in the basement of a home built in 1880. It was not live, but I had to check to be sure. Perhaps some see this all the time, but it was new to me. I guess the meter-person had to knock on the door and come in to get the reading.
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    I guess after the first few misses it didn't really matter.
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    Whoever did this has no future in the NHL . . .
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    Send your client a tape measure and a thank you note. Explain that measuring the condo is beyond the scope of a home inspection but you hope your small gift will assist in the solving her dilemma.
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    The clients are wrong and the realtor is either a greenhorn or on meds. However, you could offer to return to the condo and measure it for an hourly fee. Maybe learn to combine appraisals with inspections, why not?
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    Before oil, it was coal. The chains were connected to the 2 dampers on a coal furnace/boiler. A thermostat signaled the motors for the chains to raise and lower the dampers to regulate the intensity of the fire.
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    Whoa, harsh stuff here. That poor old drill press.
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    I always get really nervous when meeting inspectors that know more than I do. (that would be most inspectors) Enjoyed the company, the dinner and the trip. I am sooooooo poor that Katen had to pick up my check! Thanks Jim. I was really a rose between two thorns. Meeting other inspectors is my favorite thing about this job. I am blessed.
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    Google the brand and model. Maybe a stronger motor can be installed. How about a lawnmower engine? Play with the pulleys for a faster drill speed. Hook it up to a stationary bike so you can pedal it, or maybe peddle it. 😎
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    Hey, I had a great time and I'm glad that you enjoyed the PacificNorthwest. Those redwoods really are awe-inspiring. . .
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    Wind thread on bobbins. Power an ice cream maker. Use it as a bearing press. Use it as a mouse trap. (If you have to ask, your sensibilities are too fine.)
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    We got back from Portland on Sunday night. We spent the first two days in Oregon in a little cottage on Netarts' Bay then we saw Oregon's biggest Sitka spruce with a trunk diameter of 15 feet. It was pretty darn fantastic. The next day we drove 6 hours one way to Jedediah Smith State Park in California to see the redwoods which were humbling, primordial and awe-inspiring. But between the two tree days, we had a wonderful dinner with Jim Katen and Les Van Alstine at Mother's Bistro. Jim was smart and funny. He also has an idea or two about how to get rich inspecting houses. Les was philosophic and spoke directly to my wife. (see the second photo) I couldn't always hear him but I think he was saying that he's already rich from inspecting houses. It was like a bonus that I got to see Don Norman and Charlie Sessums. And after 15 years, I was lucky to meet Mike O'Handley as well.
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    I don't think that feature was ever enabled, unless it was deactivated from abuse. I have just enabled it (don't know how I figured that out). Click on your name, top left. From the menu, select Account Settings In the left column of your settings page, select Signature.
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    Because adults are allowed to think for themselves, and enter into contracts for things they wish to purchase (or not purchase in this case). Legislating what must be purchased is an overreach that seldom turns out well for the purchaser.
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    I'm 51 and will run my first half marathon this Sunday in Chicago. I've been a runner off and on for the past 20 years, but it was not until last year that I decided to take it to another level. I'll begin training for a full marathon next week.