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    Reminds me of when I was a kid. We went to visit my cousins in Pittsburgh and all went out for vanilla ice cream cones. My cousins showed me how if you just hold up your cone in the air for a while without licking it, a grey film formed on the ice cream and dripped down it in streaks - just like the streaks in those pictures. According to them it was coal dust, which was thick in the Pittsburgh air in the '60s. They insisted that it made the ice cream taste better. Did this roof taste better?
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    A typical TPRV drain here is the white plastic type, plain old PVC. On a tank heater, the drain squirts into a pan under the tank. Then the pan should have a drain pipe to the exterior or to a perimeter drain. 3/4" PEX would be undersized in comparison to the ready-made thin-wall PVC, I think. Y'all know this but when lurkers come here to learn, they learn good.😄
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    I'm am at the point where I'd rather wash dishes or change oil than visit a FB page for home inspectors.
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    Nice. I vote for the ladies!
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    Down here nobody wants to hear how they do it up nawth.
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