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    Restaurant patio areas. You shoulda had the realtor light it.
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    Wait a minute. Why did they put an attic hatch on the floor?
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    Here's what I found at yesterdays inspection. Some ugly, some not so ugly.
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    #2 sort of looks like a horse & buggy. Drooping lines in background are the harness connecting the shoe and bottle. Giddiup ...
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    This is a house under construction designed by AHM Architects. The stair tower was fun to figure out.
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    three is nice. two not so much. one is interesting, but chaotic
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    Re: that wire, somebody's screwdriver made a spark while he was tightening a screw on the neutral bus? Maybe his glasses were fogged up.
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    $4 million dollar house the builder probably agrees with you on the fun. A $1 million dollar house they'd have been calling you Martha Focker. The last house I built was $1 mil. The stair didn't fit. And, out of 27 corners in front elevation, it had to be tucked into the one that was 3" out of square.
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    I inspected it back when it was new construction.
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    Thanks for the reply Bill. As a client advocate I had to let off some steam generated by sales claim of "finished" basement level with its own kitchen, bath, and private entry. An 80" ceiling does not qualify as habitable space or bathroom. I've been told that by the year 2020 maybe half the population of the planet will be living in substandard housing, so maybe this kind of work is the crest of a new wave, but in the local real estate trenches I think buyers deserve a bird dog that can point and a bulldog that can growl on their behalf when the magic of the market tries to present them with a rabbit from a hat. One of the "rooms" in this basement had a door that was cut off to 74" and a roomy closet as well with no window and no heat/cool/air source. It might serve as a man-cave or even a dungeon depending on what turns you on.
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    I recently had the pleasure of doing a home inspection for Olympic gold medalist Kendall Coyne, and her fiance, Mike Schofield, (an NFL lineman for the Chargers). Here she is "throwing" the first pitch at a White Sox game.
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    I've been on a mission and I think I have found the manufacture source of the "binding post". Link will take you to the website for the catalog from Bunnell Telegraphic and Electrical catalog with a suggested published date of 1901. Image is from the page relating to the "binding posts" the seem to be quite similar to Katen's image. http://www.telegraph-history.org/bunnell-tel-elec-catalog/index.html
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    I was recently reading a book on framing (1909 vintage) and came across a reference to block foundations. It mentions using 8x12x24 block. Download Attachment: Concrete Block-from book titled Framing-1909.pdf 363.2 KB