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    Most of the time I have an agent at least stay in the home, maybe one in ten inspections the agent goes out and sits in the car. Usually they just sit in the kitchen and work (or play) on the phone/laptop and leave me with the client. Back on topic, I usually open the panel, cut the edge open, clean out the screw slots. I've never had anyone come back on me for damaging the paint but I am pretty good about getting them open without any damage. And yes, I have moved a heck of a lot of clothes and stored stuff to get to panels and attic hatches.
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    As much as I'd like to participate in some Facebook groups, I find that Facebook just rubs my fur the wrong way. After more than a few minutes, I've got to close it and go breathe some fresh air. I'd love to hear more from John & Michael, but it's not going to happen on Facebook. . .
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