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    Hope everyone is having a good weekend.
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    A good finish carpenter or woodworker can make a door for you in any size or shape. (Some cabinet shops are equipped for this as well.) Right now, there might be some very lean finish carpenters out there who'd be happy to get the work.
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    Trent's is WAY too big for me! I"m more of a small raised bed guy. Last year I donated over 1000 tomatoes and untold cucumbers to the homeless shelter from my little plot. Drip irrigation on a timer valve. Black plastic on the ground so I don't have to weed. Just plant, water and harvest. Did way to much weeding in my daddy's garden, which was even bigger than Trent's way back when I was a little one. God forbid he found weeds growing in your section of the garden.
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    Letter D at the end of Distance to complete 3 words: Bored (a triple word score), He, and Distanced. 42 points.
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