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    I heard of one inspector who saw the note on the front door not to let the cat out. When he was finishing up and went outside and then came back, the cat was on the front porch. He put the cat back in the house and left. Wasn't their cat; cat destroyed the drapes, furniture, etc.
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    As well as the one on the left....
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    Now that is the Mike I know and love!
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    In my area a 2,800 foot ranch would do fine with a 2.5 or 3 ton unit. 5 tons of AC would be absurdly over sized. Chicago can't be all that different, except you probably have a larger de-humidification load. From the air handler's perspective: If the coils are in parallel, then the air handler would simply see this as a regular 5-ton air conditioner. If it's too large for the house, the air is going to be chilled without adequate de-humidification. If the coils are in series, then the air is going to spend more time in contact with cold coil surfaces and this will provide great de-humidification. From the AC perspective: If the coils are in parallel, then they'll work within their normal parameters, but they'll have very short cycles. It'll just behave like any oversized air conditioner. If the coils are in series, then the 2nd one is going to be seeing lower temperatures. You might get freezing and the efficiency of the system will drop. I don't suppose you measured the temperature drop across this thing? If they're in series, the drop should be really high. Bottom line, I have a hard time imagining how this arrangement can be a good thing. It goes back to my old adage, "Unconventional installations behave in unconventional ways." My guess is that this system is not doing what the installer hoped it would do.
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    Perhaps they had to replace an original 5 ton system and thought at one time that they could get the equivalent of a two-speed AC by paralleling two smaller systems. This would work AFAIK. If they were smart, the 2 air flows are in parallel because they were each engineered for that sort of delta temp. If they're in series, I'd write them.
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    Looks like the fence plank second from the right is watching you too.
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    I am a tool guy. I vote for number one .
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    Saw this on the way to the office today and it made me think of many of you people. Mike Lamb and his propensity to make "art" from image especially! I could have spent the day there just fondling the steel.
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    When I was a kid, a friend and I stuffed a 16 hp engine into a suspensionless mini bike. We had to drill a hole in the seat to install the spark plug. Following an unfortunate incident, we added padding to isolate the spark plug from the seated rider. Luckily, my friend was later able to father children.
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    I like the contribution of the angry clouds to the mood of the photo.
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