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    Fiberglass is an approved material for fireblocking around ducts and other penetrations - as long as it's installed so that it securely remains in place. The latter is left open to interpretation.
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    In my area, it's been accepted. In fact, I had a city inspector suggest it to me at an inspection of my very own personal house.
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    Of those inspectors who use this coverage as part of their marketing to real estate agents, I'll bet that most, if not all of them do not advertise the fact to their actual customers. In fact, I'll also bet that they intentionally keep quiet about it. Look at it this way: if you were a home buyer and you knew that the inspector that your agent recommended was paying to indemnify that agent, would that elevate the inspector in your eyes? Would it make you think twice about the agent's motivations and the inspector's loyalties? In my experience all but the most credulous home buyers would view this as a "scheme" or perhaps as an "arrangement" that benefits the home inspector and the agent, but not the consumer.
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    I agree, and that the prevalence of such relationships varies with the locality and depends on the status of the real estate norms in a given area.
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    I suspect that this initial message was spam. It originally contained a link that the moderators removed and the poster's IP address is in India.
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    interesting, but not for my eye.
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    Ooooooh, gee wiz! Did I say just a few things wrong or or everything wrong in that post? Please, excuse me if it seemed like I was attempting to brag about my high mileage, second owner, used, POS that I bought to use as my business truck. I guess what I was getting at is that any truck will do as long as its dependable and presentable and is good. on gas.
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    Which parts of this post? You paid for her, pristine interior, high mileage, her happiness after changing fluids or you being the 3rd owner?
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    Too small. An electric on-demand water heater cannot meet your hot water needs.
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    Ok. A typical residential service is 200 amps at 240 volts. That comes out to 48,000 watts or 164,000 btu/hr. Most of the gas-fueled tankless water heaters I see are 199,000 btu/hr. A common heating element on a storage type electric water heater is 3,500 watts which comes out to 12,000 btu/hr. Good enough for a small stream at a lavatory faucet but that's about all. Certainly not enough for a shower or washing machine, much less all at one time. What's the size of the main breaker on your circuit breaker panel?
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    Thankyou Mycakers, much appreciated. Mark, my favorite nephew ( I have 6 adult nephews) is engaged to the sellers daughter. They have lived in the home for past 7 years. My nephew was complaining about all the seperate specialist sent for inspections and about the repair man who made some small repairs causing more damage than he fixed. My nephew has been in constuction trades for years and knows how repairs should be done. He asked me to come over and inspect the crawl and the few repairs that guy did. So he could give his future father-in-law my opinion. I am not a licenced pest control person, but I am well trained and certainly know the diff between wood rot from water damage and pest damage. when I use the defaut font I can't even see what I'm typing. hmmmmm.
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    My uncle is a licensed and insured handy man. He swears buy his pick up with an extended cab plus a bed cap. He made an extension that slides out of the bed so that he can get at his tools in the back. It also doubles as an onsite work bench. I have always liked the idea of sprinter vans myself. Roof rack for ladders and materials. I'd definitely go for the hammock idea. Nothing says pro handyman like taking a nap on your lunch break.
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    We'll be glad to have you, Chad. Looking forward to it.
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    If you frame the last one you could get big bucks.
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    You should ask Werner Herzog if he would like to bring over a film crew.
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