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    I was a mechanic for a long time. Many of you have heard me say, "I'm still a better mechanic than I am anything else." Even though I fixed every single thing that came into my shop, I couldn't have fixed any of it without tools. Many inspectors simply do not have the proper tools in their box to enable them to produce quality reports. If you can't write, you can't write a great report.
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    I'll bet the insurance company was thankful for your insight.
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    That was a success! Kurt M was involved with something similar years ago. Your thought process was the key. These masonry stories always make me think of Tom the Builder from Pillars of the Earth.
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    I could see the same thing and not recognize it as art, until you take a picture of it. Neat stuff you do.
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    To make the flame yellow, you have to have incomplete combustion which means a fuel-rich mixture.
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