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    Hope y'all adjust to the time loss, and have a great Spring!
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    I've been on a mission and I think I have found the manufacture source of the "binding post". Link will take you to the website for the catalog from Bunnell Telegraphic and Electrical catalog with a suggested published date of 1901. Image is from the page relating to the "binding posts" the seem to be quite similar to Katen's image. http://www.telegraph-history.org/bunnell-tel-elec-catalog/index.html
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    I hope you charged an extra $20 for that. Are all the panels 3phase?
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    These are Elm tree stumps and parts that the builder buried on my property in 1960 when the house was built. The cross street is named "Old Elm". They were discovered when I was having a curtain drain installed in 2011.
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    Hi All, It never hurts to read as much as you can about a given subject. Fluke Corporation has established their own thermal imaging blog. Check it out and when your done, if you complete their survey, you can enter to win a fluke laser distance meter. ONE TEAM - ONE FIGHT!!! Mike
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    Here's an example of a wacky shingle installation I ran into a few days ago. https://b4uclose.com/roof-shingle-installation-gone-wacky/
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    Restaurant patio areas. You shoulda had the realtor light it.
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    Wait a minute. Why did they put an attic hatch on the floor?
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    #2 sort of looks like a horse & buggy. Drooping lines in background are the harness connecting the shoe and bottle. Giddiup ...
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    $4 million dollar house the builder probably agrees with you on the fun. A $1 million dollar house they'd have been calling you Martha Focker. The last house I built was $1 mil. The stair didn't fit. And, out of 27 corners in front elevation, it had to be tucked into the one that was 3" out of square.
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    I recently had the pleasure of doing a home inspection for Olympic gold medalist Kendall Coyne, and her fiance, Mike Schofield, (an NFL lineman for the Chargers). Here she is "throwing" the first pitch at a White Sox game.
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    One of 7 panels at a former VFW. And then there's the 3-phase service 3-feet above the flat roof.
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    I agree. But you just know that once you take off that plastic cover, there's nothing filling the space. You could reach your whole arm up inside that stud bay, like a vet inseminating a cow.
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    Sounds like my old one. 90 to an riser... 9 feet, then 21 feet to the exterior. Moisture and lint built up, rotted a connection, and damaged a ceiling. I replaced it with a 90 down 2 feet, and 15 feet out... Towels took 70 minutes to dry previously. Now, 30.
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    Weren't the Bruiser & Crusher on right after the morning anthem?
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    It's a rotating mount for a TV aerial.
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    I think the original question is about gas log lighters for solid fuel fireplaces, not gas log sets. No pilot, no thermocouple. Just holes in a pipe. I have to turn the valve to know if it functions (gas comes out the holes). I never thought it necessary to go get a match or lighter to prove that the gas is flammable.
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    Thanks for the comment, Chad. Dorey will be released -unharmed- at the agreed upon time and place.
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    I understand its benefit in this case, but, man, that's a crappy IR image.
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    Or is it the lack of sadness that counts?