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  1. The fact that tile can be removed is proof positive that it wasn't properly installed. One cannot remove a properly installed tile in one piece. If the tile are 12x12 or larger, the ASTM standard includes back buttering and a 1/2" trowel.
  2. Turn on the breaker. If that's not it, by-pass the floor sensor.
  3. I buy lights because I want them, not because I need them. I've been using the same 2 UC35 Fenix for 6 years or so. No failures.
  4. I just ordered a new flashlight. It's a Fenix E30R. Magnetic USB charging connection, waterproof, really small, good run time and weighs very little. 1600 lumens, $63.96 after you enter fenixusa20 as a discount code.
  5. I have a little school in NY. The folks that pass through my doors have nothing but contempt for AHIT and I'm always shocked at their thorough lack of knowledge. Free schools know exactly what they're worth. I used to present for Kaplan- with any curriculum I suspect there is a great deal of difference between presenters. The Kaplan presentations were OK but left the presenter the challenge of expanding the conversation well beyond the slide content to include the necessary additional information for the student. I watched a lot of presenters also include plenty of inspection folklore and misconceptions. The schools are most valuable as tool to provide a window to see you don't know. Then, it's up to you to go out and get your real education. Until you have an excellent grasp of the profession, stay away facebook forums and association forums; they're populated almost entirely of misinformation. Take your schooling, hang out here and read everything that isn't written by home inspectors. Stick to materials written by actual subject matter experts. There are a few exceptions: Electrical Inspections of Existing Dwellings and anything Code Check . Not surprisingly, those resources are excellent and written by the same authors..
  6. This is a little embarrassing. The dates are actually March 20-22nd. Friday, Saturday, Sunday Jerry, I'm almost positive that I will sit this one out. I have no desire to follow or open for Kibbel or Katen. I'll arrive with 8 hours ready as a back-up plan. But hopefully, I'll be able to watch and learn. We have one speaker tentatively scheduled- I've been to several of his presentations and he's very smart and just as entertaining. Waiting on a quote from two of the most respected individuals in the building science and energy conservation categories. Once we decide on a final line-up, we'll put it up here.
  7. There's nothing there yet, but the conference URL is www.InspectorRoadshow.com
  8. Friends, clear your calendars: Jim Katen is presenting.
  9. I see split joists all the time. Maybe it's the difference between SYP and eastern white pine.
  10. We have the dates set- March 21-23 at Hotel Henry. Les, this going to be 24 hours of real education- zero fluff. Proving the commitment to quality, Bill Kibbel is on board. Speakers to be announced as they confirm.
  11. It looks like water is trapped on the discharge side of the valve. As you turn the screw clockwise it increases the volume on the discharge side so the pressure decreases- as the screw turns ccw, it reduces the volume there by increasing pressure
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