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  1. Mark, I am his partner, and he is reaching out face to face with people, I am simply the computer guru here.
  2. My husband is going to invest the money for Dick's class, we thank you for this information. We reviewed his website and being totally geared to NC this is perfect. We will continue his pursuit of the SC license in the meantime, he can take NC again in August. Thanks for your information
  3. Ha, well I don't know? He's never been tested for that! We are early 40's so he hasn't been in school in a long, long time, so who knows! Another possible thought! We did receive a letter back from the NC Home Inspector Licensure Board revising his score by 2 points, advising that many questions have 2 correct answers and the trick is to select the best one. That was a little more encouraging, just at least indicating that he has not lost his mind. I think the "most likely" statements definitely throw a wrench in his though processes. And the biggest problem is if you fail these tests, not getting to know where you went wrong makes you second guess yourself the next time around on questions you may have gotten right. In our experience anyway. Thanks for your feedback!
  4. Bruce, thank you very much, my husband can take the NC exam again after August, so we will definitely look into this additional training. This is wonderful, appreciate it!!
  5. Thank you all for the input, my husband is definitely cut out to be a home inspector, of that I am confident and I will not even plant the seed in his mind that this profession is not for him. He is not a great test taker, that is correct, but he knows this stuff inside and out now after attending trainings for NC and SC over the past 2 years and working in various constructions fields for over 20 years. Recently he has worked side by side with plumbers and hvac personnel to gain more knowledge in those areas, which I hope will help. I will defininitely share the other input, but not the negativity, that is not good for keeping him going! I appreciate the positive input that comes from your experience. And I do appreciate the input from the experience in NC, that is very valuable. His instructor did is taking the NC exam soon to offer input back to AHIT. Thanks again for all of the positive support!
  6. Thanks Les, I wish I could give you a couple of examples but he cannot remember them to provide the details. Unfortunately he does not get any sort of recap or study guides as a result of his performance on the tests. The SC exam has not been updated in years, from what I have been told, and several classmates joined him in the NC exam and they were all in agreement on the strange wording of the questions. When he takes the school exams, the National practice exams, and even the state practice exams he scores over 80 every time. I am confident he will get this eventually, just looking for some folks experienced with NC and SC specifically. Thanks for your input!
  7. Thanks for your input Marc, that makes a lot of sense. He WILL get this eventually, you don't work so hard toward something and not finally get it!! Thanks again
  8. Hi everyone, is there anyone out there that has taken the exams in SC or NC? These are not the National exam, but are individual exams given by the state. My husband is still at it and is still trying to pass the exams in both states, with the "wait time" between exams, and additional trainings he has participated in, he is still striving to pass. We have found that the questions are basically written in very confusing terms, almost on purpose, to confuse and make this so difficult! I would love to chat with someone with experience with the NC and SC exams. Thank you!
  9. So time for an update! My husband failed the SC exam for the 3rd time December 2011. He now has to wait an entire year from the end date on his application, which was valid thru April 2012. So in Aprl 2013 he can re-apply to SC to take the exam again. In the meantime, NC state finally added AHIT to their approved school list, and he is going to attend a 10 day field training in NC on 7/6/2012. They will do 9 home inspections over the 10 day period. NC state offers the National exam and you can take it as many times as you need to until you pass it, if necessary. I hope this additional field training will really pay off, and sometime in 2013 he will be licensed in both states! I have to say I am so glad he is not giving up.
  10. Hi everyone, thanks again for all of the wonderful suggestions. We are getting a copy of the book recommended for study for the SC exam and he will review that a little prior to giving his 3rd and final attempt. We also contacted AHIT and informed them of the difference with SC's exam, not being the NHIE as we were originally led to believe. They are going to help make sure instructors are aware of this moving forward. NC state may also have AHIT as an approved school of entry into the field soon, and if he can attempt the exam in NC it follows the NHIE and we live just across the line. Your tips have been very valuable and have helped him to gain even more knowledge since I was last on here. He will take the SC exam on 1/17/2012 and I will let you know how it turns out! Please keep us in your thoughts, we are determined to be successful with this and will not give up! Thanks again, and Happy New Year to all!!!
  11. Hi everyone! So what I have found is that the SC Home Inspector exam is only 100 questions, $75, but he cannot seem to pass it. He has studied and studied and does well on the practice tests now, but we are both terrified for him to make his final attempt, because if he fails the third time he has to reapply to the state after waiting an entire year before he can make another attempt. I'm wondering if he goes to take the NHIE somewhere does that make a difference? I guess not if the state of SC requires this one! I can't tell you how much I appreciate all of your advice, we are taking every bit of it and applying it, thanks so very much.
  12. Scott, that's why I am a little confused, the SC NHIE only has 100 questions, is timed for 2.5hrs, and costs $80.00. That seems strange to me as it's not following what I see on the psi exam information regarding the NHIE. Thanks for your input!
  13. Can someone explain to me how the NHIE works in varying states? My question is, my husbands test in SC is 150 total questions. I understand that each state has different requirements to get the licensing, but it sounds as though the questions for the NHIE may vary by state as well? Is this the case? Thank you!
  14. Thank you all!! You've all been so helpful! I will keep you posted on the outcome once he tackles the exam his final time. I really appreciate all of the feedback and suggestions, we are going to utilize every bit of it!
  15. Thank you both for sharing!! I am so glad I found you all!! It surprised us that they do not give you information on the items you answer incorrectly. The percentages right is somewhat helpful but still leaves him second guessing some of his answers that may have been correct. I see the positive in this being that not just anyone can become a home inspector, that's for sure!!
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