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  1. Mike, Let me shed some light on this thread if I may. I have been a NAHI member for many years and participated on several committees. This close relationship provided insight to the inner workings of NAHI, therefore, bearing credence to communicate the following; Over 20 years ago, NAHI was formed by a few individuals having differences with ASHI. Now, I foresee that NAHI’s current leaders are willing to fall on their swords for the sake of those aged differences by some self-serving individuals. This attitude bears enough resemblance to place the letter ‘C’ in the middle of the NAHI acronym. The abrupt decision to dissolve the ASHI/NAHI talks and Task Force raises the biggest red flag by the mere fact that the survey results were not disclosed to members. NAHI members are simply being held in total disregard and misrepresented through a secret decision-making process of the current leaders. Secrecy and ASHI hate-mongering appears to be the mentality for this coming year. The recent video message by the President appears nothing more than a blatant and obvious message from the Old Regime. Recent elections have brought to surprise the resurrection of a candidate having utter disdain for ASHI. For one to come back and play a role in leadership at their age brings forth the question as to why? Over the past few years, I've spoken to many NAHI members across the country and the popular subject of joining together the two most significant associations has dominated discussions. Consensus seemed to steer toward breaking bread together for the sake of common cause and betterment of our image. This has been substantiated in the past couple of years by the widespread joint participation of chapters regarding meetings and local seminars. If one takes time to look at it objectively, it’s childish when the Real Estate industry is subjected to constant ‘mine is better than theirs’ innuendo. The current NAHI Board has now, all of a sudden, spat in the faces of its membership which took the time to convey their message, be it favorable or unfavorable. They basically have stripped away the rights of membership to speak openly with their individual minds & freedoms. The President claims the survey questions were flawed. Who decided this? Leadership or members? If the questions were flawed, then publish the free will comments which were allowed to be typed in at the end of the survey. Let’s see what everyone had to say. For that matter, why don’t we hear how many NAHI members voted as well? I CHALLENGE the NAHI Board to disclose results of the survey in it’s entirety. I CHALLENGE the NAHI Board to disclose the Board member vote tally on record in regards to disavow participation or merger with ASHI and dissolve the Task Force. As so the NAHI President states in his video that the best interest of membership is at the forefront of their decision, only this true form of disclosure would show whether the NAHI Board has the member’s interest truly at heart. Silence and lack of disclosure would positively acknowledge impropriety and lack of regard for membership. Speaking of the latest video announcement, NAHI’s President quotes mistruth’s of the NAHI voting membership to be at 1500. Have you counted the recently updated website after the March 31st renewal deadline purging? I count 1,150 including Retirees. That figure reflects approximately 500 non-renewals compared to last years membership numbers. It appears that non-renewals have sent a message and NAHI's own President has no clue as to the number of members he presides over. Sounds like another wack job we all know. I call out to NAHI members to challenge the current Board in numerous areas and look carefully as to the merits of this Association and it’s direction or lack of. CHALLENGE the current Board to reveal the solvency of NAHI. CHALLENGE the current Board to open the true financial records for the past 5 years. This one could strike a ‘deer in the headlights’ reaction. CHALLENGE the current board to publish recent NAHI officer election results and total number of member voters. Were voters paid members at the time they voted? Do NAHI members not have the rights to see these? Unless, it's a matter of the good ol' boys network at play in this Association or should it be called a 'club'. CHALLENGE the current Board to reveal any benefits to membership that have been accomplished in the 1st quarter of this year. CHALLENGE the current Board to publish the names and contact #’s of active members on any standing committee in the Member’s Only area of the NAHI website. Request specifically the publishing of all committee meeting dates held and minutes. Why do you think they recently solicited volunteers? Maybe because most committee’s are inactive except for a possible NAHI officer or Harrington Staff person as committee chair and sole volunteer. CHALLENGE the current Board to reveal if they have sent out ‘Requests for Proposals’ to management firms other than the Harrington company. (Ask to see those proposals.) After all, we know every responsible Association would put that out to bid and especially in hard times such as these to help membership receive extra value for their dues. Anyone care to CHALLENGE why a prior Executive Director was removed? CHALLENGE the current Board to formally announce that two Board members have recently resigned. If you do not see physical proof to these CHALLENGES and mere silence abodes, I would suggest that you reconsider your membership in an Association that cannot be forthright as to where your hard earned dues are going to. I urge that NAHI members stand up and either demand answers or send a message by considering more viable options. Don't wait until the NAHI Board belatedly orchestrates messages to you while having to hear it first on a message board or from another Association's members whom were clearly communicated to by their Leaders. Yes, this year I purposefully sat on the fence of the renewal deadline. On March 31st, I decided not to renew my NAHI membership and applied a forward thinking open-mindedness to unite with ASHI. I did not feel the current Board could fulfill a new-age philosophy of unity and the proof is in the NAHI Presidents' past announcements and recent video.
  2. Chad, It appears the masks are worn by those who engage in perpetual talk. When a call for action faces them, the M.O. is to bob and weave. Let's just place an 'X' in the box - I'm not surprised. You my friend are a true achiever. Keep your head high Like Mike O., I gave it a shot.
  3. Brad, I'm not a 'pot-stirrer' but merely hold strong beliefs to expose those who I believe denegrate the profession in which I chose to support my livelihood and I feel it is my duty to inform those who have sights to enter this 'occupation'. My hope is to assist those who have a substantive background choose the right path to success. One of the most novel posts was the one Chad offered early on about his making the right choice. With this, I'm ending all discussion about my alias. I've posted a challenge which bears greater importance instead of this nonsense going in a negative direction.
  4. Les, Just to accommodate your inquiry, I am a Home Inspector of approximately 18 years, initially part-time and long full time status. I would like to think my background/history to be extensive but I'll spare the boasting of credentials. I am not one to look for glory here but I am a player in stakes.
  5. gentjr, Do you really think knowing who I am would really change things? Would knowing my real name truly give you a sense of 'knowing me'? Do I know who you are just because you have identified yourself as ghentjr? The sincere reason for my 'handle' is my absolute disregard for becoming internet diarhhea. I've had negative experiences of the past (unrelated to being a Home Inspector) which haunted me while using my true name and choose not to be a 'search' item anymore. Let's stay on topic!
  6. I believe this thread has reached the point where we have saturated our discussion to the point of redundancy in many of the posts. We have basically covered everything except for the actual Standards of Practice themselves. Sort of a lap dance if you know what I mean. We could keep talking around the standards, CE’s, etc… until we bring this thread above 10,000 views easily. My next proposal for discussion is to take action in a private forum on this message board if Mike is willing to do so. The purpose of the private form would be to take two or three of the long-standing national standards from the various associations, post them as a sticky and start having at it. Why the hell don't we just take them and rip them a new one. Yes, a single standard that has meat and bones with changes to the items bearing vagueness and then some. I, too, do not accept “representative samplingâ€
  7. Aside the few Pom Pom girls that needed to jump in after my kickoff, (Sis Boom Bah! Rah Rah Rah! Give us an N – Give us an A – Give us a C … Aaah forget it), I commend the rest of the true thinkers who brought this thread to serious discussion about an important aspect of our dismal future. This topic of establishing a national standard is an easy target for naysayers. Association hardliners having that ‘it’s my way or the highway mentality’. Just like the contractor that tells us “I've been doing it this way for 30 yearsâ€
  8. I attended the second organizational meeting hosted by ASTM at their Philadelphia PA headquarters. Approximately 175 people attended. The rough breakdown in attendance appeared to be 100 - ASHI members, 40 - NAHI members, 10 - Other org’s (CREIA, AII, etc.), 10 - Industry related professionals, 10 - Independents and maybe 5 IntergalacticNachi members. ASTM was extremely fortunate that the other 9,995 did not show up since there was standing room only in the medium sized conference room. Must have been the price of gas thing I’m sure or they couldn’t grasp the issue at hand. Pat Picariello, ASTM coordinator, grueled and squirmed his way through the presentation explaining the process involved. His biggest downfall, which he announced at the start of the meeting, was to have a relaxed atmosphere by entertaining questions at any time during his presentation. Big Mistake! Questions were far and few in between. Orations dominated the floor. Those who were an opposition, clamored about the cost of the $75 membership to ASTM and the astronomical cost of paying ASTM for each copy of the SOP’s to be included with their inspection report. Some belly ached about home inspector’s losing control to other self interest groups such as NAR and NAHB. A few squawked about losing their Association SOP's would result in stripping them of their righteous individualism. Yes, a sideshow indeed it was. Home inspectors showing their penny pinching attitude, division and true lack of professionalism. Pat stated, ASTM would provide a structured approach to create a neutral environment to establish bylaws and a governing committee of home inspectors having oversight. Related industry professionals would also have an opportunity to participate in the formation of the new standards. However, adoption of a final standards document would require a vote by actual ASTM members. Individual home inspector members would carry one vote and an Association or Self Interest entity would be entitled to only one vote. Pat went on to say that ASTM is renowned for its neutrality amongst regulators and legislators. Their acronym lends credibility, power and the opportunity for divided groups to evolve to a higher level of recognition. Otherwise, he predicted perpetual stagnation on the lower rung of the ladder. Pat assured that ASTM had no intention to reinvent the wheel but merely to fine tune the combined current standards that now divide home inspectors through a multitude of associations. The Associations would still he able to coexist by concentrating on their own member Code of Ethics, Educational programs and Marketing. Pat Picariello’s body language expressed extreme anxiety in the last hour prior to vote. In the end, as you all know by now, it was voted down by the attendees and ASTM has no interest in putting forth standards for home inspection. So, get your ladders out, stand on the lowest rung and plan to be there for awhile. Okay, now to my subject line. The highlight of the post-lunch regrouping was one to be charted. Nick Gromicko, who sat alone (without any cheerleaders) in the middle of the crowd, stood up for comment and said that around him sit ASHI members who view Nachi as their biggest threat, being that Nachi is the LARGEST Home Inspector Association in the world but he considers them all to be his friends. I was 10 years old when the ASHI Standards of Practice were written by the founder in the audience here today and that I will not vote for having ASTM replace them nor the Nachi SOP’s (spoken like a true 10-year-old). The entire room broke out into a roaring laughter that would make a Comedy Club appear as a ‘Quiet’ zone. As embarrassing as this day was in that industry professionals from NAR, NAHB, Pat Piciarello (ASTM) witnessed this debacle, we can still walk with our tails between our legs to our next inspection. Reporter at Large, Justin Tyme “Only Morons look up to Stupid peopleâ€
  9. I was going to place this under 'Professional Home Inspection Associations', but realized their is nothing 'Professional' about the one that attempted to defecate on this forum thread. Read through to the Webmaster's post and a quote from Google inserted at the bottom. Enjoy http://www.realestatewebmasters.com:80/showthread.php?t=18044
  10. My statement reads as follows -id="blue"> "I'm not looking for publicity and I stand behind my comments as a dedicated Home Inspector like yourselves." It's the same as someone saying "the country must stand behind its troops"id="blue"> Simply your opinion I guess. id="blue"> Also your opinion. For the record, when I signed on as Justin, I entrusted my identity to Mike and asked that he honor my request. It matters not who throws stones in their post. The context alone speaks for itself.id="blue">
  11. Randy and gang, Sorry for the anonymity, but I prefer to stay out of the internet spotlight (Google) while on any open forum. I'm not looking for publicity and I stand behind my comments as a dedicated Home Inspector like yourselves. It's just my decision. Hope you understand.
  12. Les, I am a Para-medic of sorts. I save some Homebuyers from Cardiac Arrest after they find out the Agents description "An absolute Gem" is just a POS with brand new vinyl siding. Would the use of a defibrulator be considered as a technical tool? Paddles! Clear!!! I'll allow you to use my name for $289.00 and waive the quiz requirement.
  13. Bob E., You got it right dude! My mother used to watch a soap opera called 'As the World Turns' and your logo fits the bill.
  14. NACHI believes that they have an exam! That makes it 'Psychosematically valid'. [:-dunce] Plain and simple! [:-crazy]
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