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  1. Mike, Let me shed some light on this thread if I may. I have been a NAHI member for many years and participated on several committees. This close relationship provided insight to the inner workings of NAHI, therefore, bearing credence to communicate the following; Over 20 years ago, NAHI was formed by a few individuals having differences with ASHI. Now, I foresee that NAHI’s current leaders are willing to fall on their swords for the sake of those aged differences by some self-serving individuals. This attitude bears enough resemblance to place the letter ‘C’ in
  2. Chad, It appears the masks are worn by those who engage in perpetual talk. When a call for action faces them, the M.O. is to bob and weave. Let's just place an 'X' in the box - I'm not surprised. You my friend are a true achiever. Keep your head high Like Mike O., I gave it a shot.
  3. Brad, I'm not a 'pot-stirrer' but merely hold strong beliefs to expose those who I believe denegrate the profession in which I chose to support my livelihood and I feel it is my duty to inform those who have sights to enter this 'occupation'. My hope is to assist those who have a substantive background choose the right path to success. One of the most novel posts was the one Chad offered early on about his making the right choice. With this, I'm ending all discussion about my alias. I've posted a challenge which bears greater importance instead of this nonsense going in a negativ
  4. Les, Just to accommodate your inquiry, I am a Home Inspector of approximately 18 years, initially part-time and long full time status. I would like to think my background/history to be extensive but I'll spare the boasting of credentials. I am not one to look for glory here but I am a player in stakes.
  5. gentjr, Do you really think knowing who I am would really change things? Would knowing my real name truly give you a sense of 'knowing me'? Do I know who you are just because you have identified yourself as ghentjr? The sincere reason for my 'handle' is my absolute disregard for becoming internet diarhhea. I've had negative experiences of the past (unrelated to being a Home Inspector) which haunted me while using my true name and choose not to be a 'search' item anymore. Let's stay on topic!
  6. I believe this thread has reached the point where we have saturated our discussion to the point of redundancy in many of the posts. We have basically covered everything except for the actual Standards of Practice themselves. Sort of a lap dance if you know what I mean. We could keep talking around the standards, CE’s, etc… until we bring this thread above 10,000 views easily. My next proposal for discussion is to take action in a private forum on this message board if Mike is willing to do so. The purpose of the private form would be to take two or three of the long-standing na
  7. Aside the few Pom Pom girls that needed to jump in after my kickoff, (Sis Boom Bah! Rah Rah Rah! Give us an N – Give us an A – Give us a C … Aaah forget it), I commend the rest of the true thinkers who brought this thread to serious discussion about an important aspect of our dismal future. This topic of establishing a national standard is an easy target for naysayers. Association hardliners having that ‘it’s my way or the highway mentality’. Just like the contractor that tells us “I've been doing it this way for 30 yearsâ€
  8. I attended the second organizational meeting hosted by ASTM at their Philadelphia PA headquarters. Approximately 175 people attended. The rough breakdown in attendance appeared to be 100 - ASHI members, 40 - NAHI members, 10 - Other org’s (CREIA, AII, etc.), 10 - Industry related professionals, 10 - Independents and maybe 5 IntergalacticNachi members. ASTM was extremely fortunate that the other 9,995 did not show up since there was standing room only in the medium sized conference room. Must have been the price of gas thing I’m sure or they couldn’t grasp the issue at hand
  9. I was going to place this under 'Professional Home Inspection Associations', but realized their is nothing 'Professional' about the one that attempted to defecate on this forum thread. Read through to the Webmaster's post and a quote from Google inserted at the bottom. Enjoy http://www.realestatewebmasters.com:80/showthread.php?t=18044
  10. My statement reads as follows -id="blue"> "I'm not looking for publicity and I stand behind my comments as a dedicated Home Inspector like yourselves." It's the same as someone saying "the country must stand behind its troops"id="blue"> Simply your opinion I guess. id="blue"> Also your opinion. For the record, when I signed on as Justin, I entrusted my identity to Mike and asked that he honor my request. It matters not who throws stones in their post. The context alone speaks for itself.id="blue">
  11. Randy and gang, Sorry for the anonymity, but I prefer to stay out of the internet spotlight (Google) while on any open forum. I'm not looking for publicity and I stand behind my comments as a dedicated Home Inspector like yourselves. It's just my decision. Hope you understand.
  12. Les, I am a Para-medic of sorts. I save some Homebuyers from Cardiac Arrest after they find out the Agents description "An absolute Gem" is just a POS with brand new vinyl siding. Would the use of a defibrulator be considered as a technical tool? Paddles! Clear!!! I'll allow you to use my name for $289.00 and waive the quiz requirement.
  13. Bob E., You got it right dude! My mother used to watch a soap opera called 'As the World Turns' and your logo fits the bill.
  14. NACHI believes that they have an exam! That makes it 'Psychosematically valid'. [:-dunce] Plain and simple! [:-crazy]
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