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  1. I came across this electric cable that I haven't seen before, Seoprene made by Southwire. They say it is approved to be installed in dry conditions temperature dependant, wet conditions, oily, submersed, etc. but it doesn't say any thing about installed outside. Am i right in saying it should not be run up a downspout, across a roof, to a heat tape j-box in the soffit? http://www.southwire.com/ProductCatalog ... catsheet18 Click to Enlarge 56.91 KB Click to Enlarge 55.53 KB
  2. These Christmas are installed all over the house. Strands are connected with exposed wire nuts and it looks like lamp cord was used for power to the light strands, no marks on the cable to ID, doubtful it is rated for exterior. . Fire and shock hazard I would say. There is no way this is allowed right? Click to Enlarge 90.21 KB Click to Enlarge 55.41 KB
  3. It is a Triangle Tube Prestige 250. The install manual doesn't say anything about allowing either exhaust or intake to be split like that. Plus this is a 4" teed into two 2" pipes. The cross section area of 4" is about double that of the area of two 2" pipes. There is no way this is right. Here is the leaking exhaust Click to Enlarge 34.07 KB
  4. This picture is the top of a high efficiency direct vent boiler, used for radiant heat and a hot water tank. Why are there tees and reductions on both the exhaust and intake? I have never seen this and can't figure out what is going on here. Click to Enlarge 39.19 KB
  5. .... I think my arguments involve form, content, and interface. This is an object lesson in why HI report formats (and lots of other things) are a problem; folks don't listen. I use Word and it does take a long time to write reports when there are lots of issues with the house. I don't use very much canned language, I think (hope) my reports are better when they are mostly specifically written. I would love to try something else to speed it up, but I don't see how Word, or your favorite word processor, is the bottle neck. What "interfaces" are there besides a word processor, or a clunky report generator? Every one I tried blew, so I made my own template in a .doc and in no way think it is the best.
  6. Thanks. A tech from the gas company got back to me this morning and he told me it OK to run CSST outside as long as its protected as needed, and OK to have it enter the building.
  7. This CSST piping is installed outside, albeit for only a couple of inches until it enters the house through an old exhaust. From what I have read this pipe can not be installed on the exterior. And cannot not go through an exterior wall? Click to Enlarge 56.22 KB Also, it appears that gas lines have been added or modified. Does anyone off hand know if these shut off valves are OK? I don't know of anything wrong with having valves like this outside, but something doesn't seem right. The gas appliances all have correct shut offs. Click to Enlarge 69.66 KB Thanks, Eric
  8. This house was built in 1907 in Utah. Fairly high snow load gives credit to the engineering of these aspen logs. Click to Enlarge 60.28 KB
  9. This looked strange to me, this concrete failed in two relatively small spots at the surface, and has some cracking connecting the spalled/broken concrete. This driveway has radiant heat, I suspect a connection between the radiant heat and this broken concrete. Anyone seen what causes this? Click to Enlarge 25.05 KB
  10. sorry no other pics of the WH connection.
  11. After a little research there are flex b-vents out there that can be used. I just have never seen or heard of one, and intuitively I think they are a bad idea. Too easy to get deformed , or smashed turning a two walled vent into a one wall vent... Should have researched more before posting, thanks though. flex b-vent
  12. Sounds like it is draining too slow once the water flushes out of the bowl (partial clog like Marc said), and the bowl is filling up fast enough for the siphon effect to continue and flush the bowl again.
  13. This doesn't look right to me, but maybe it is allowed within the mechanical closet and for a short distance??? Click to Enlarge 55.56 KB
  14. Thanks for the replies, I am gong to drive over there today to see this first hand. Sorry to ask a question about a photo with so many unknowns, I would assume that the slab is floating but it could be pinned to the foundation wall, who knows... I too would assume that the problem continues into the garage like Marc points out. Is the driveway sloping towards the garage? Hard for me to tell form the photo, but if your right John D you have one Eagle Eye, good on you! This neighborhood had spoils dumped from the silver mining days, so backfill material could be a mixture of anything. I will let you know what else I see for conversations sake.
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