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  1. He didn't say anything beyond "see someone else." Of course. We'll see him again later this week when he completes the inspection (on the listing agent's dime - he's an idiot and didn't have the gas on the first time around. The inspector also has to reinspect some repairs made by the seller). I'm going to press him hard and see if he'll at least float some theories. Guess we'll see what he's worth then.
  2. Think the odds are high that it's something serious? I really want this house and if further inspection finds something costly we're going to have to walk. We don't have the funds to invest and seems like the sellers don't or aren't willing to.
  3. How did you find the inspector you hired? Our realtor who has used him on occasion before. Not frequently though. Our realtor is indeed a realtor but has been used by my family for about 8 years so she's a family friend to a certain extent.
  4. Yes. It is the rear of the garage wall and the only crack we saw or the inspector saw that was anything like this. I don't know what the likelihood is that someone drove into it? Currently it's flanked by the water heater and the furnace and there's not really room to do that but who knows what was there before?
  5. So I was able to get a few pics that were closer than the one I posted earlier. They're iPhone 4s pics but the quality is still a little better.
  6. That makes total sense. I'm a first time buyer, clearly know nothing and appreciate everyone taking some time to even comment. There is no text in the report on what the inspector thinks is going on. =/ I'm starting to get the sense that we totally got a crappy inspector though.
  7. EXT/FOUND "Evidence of efflorescence at foundation and excessive moisture of soil in the crawlspace of the building - this may be caused by moisture intrusion and should be further evaluated by a drainage specialist to avoid further moisture intrusion (2)" The dryer doesn't vent outside but instead into the crawl space (eek?!) but it's something that is supposed to be an easy fix which we would do ASAP after closing. And then here's just a page from the summary that I took a screen shot of. Includes the sentence on the garage that is the same as the caption on the picture. Click to Enlarge 112.52 KB
  8. The house was built in 1963. So pushing 50 years old. It's possible to pay an inspector to JUST come look at the crack? We've been quoted at $250 (sound about right for the SF Bay Area?) for the foundation inspection so if it's cheaper than that I would certainly consider it an option.
  9. Oh! I got it. It wasn't clicking at first. Makes sense now.
  10. Thanks guys! Hmm, I might see if I can at least get a better picture of the crack. That was the only one we saw and the only one the inspector said was abnormal. He gave the recommendation to me (the buyer) as well as my agent for the additional foundation inspection. He gave us a rec for someone he knows. Idk if that makes a difference?
  11. Hi there! I'm new to this forum - just found it on Google - so forgive me for being a noob. I'm in contract to buy a home. We had an inspection done and our inspector recommended we get a separate foundation inspection because a crack in the garage was abnormal. We haven't been able to proceed with the foundation inspection yet because we're waiting on some minor repairs to be done before we throw more money into the house. Needless to say, the listing agent and seller move at a snail's pace and I'm anxious to find out what is going on with the foundation. It's potentially the make or break point for us. I've linked the picture (the only picture we have) from our home inspection of the crack our inspector said was abnormal. Any ideas on how troublesome this could potentially be for us? Click to Enlarge 36.7 KB
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