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  1. We are responsible for repairs up to a $400, part of getting a really good rent cost, and also why I wanted all the info to argue that another patch just wasn't the right answer. Its all good, landlord stepped up right away and the plumber should be here early tomorrow morning. thanks for the info folks.
  2. i have a major leak under the crawl space of an addition on the house. before i start patching, i have serious doubts ANY of the home plumbing meets code. the source lines look like galvanized piping, within about 2 feet after the hot water heater, they switch to QEST-E-PB2110 3P tubing. its only 100psi, and 1/2" diameter (going up 2 floors). Also, a section of the galvanized intake pipe was patched at some point with 1/2" PVC. The numerous patches and materials in themselves make me think a total re-piping is in order, but I rent here, so, that's not going to happen. I can add more splices an
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