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  1. I am starting a new home inspection business and would appreciate the opportunity to follow a veteran home inspector on about 4-5 inspections. My background: builder/carpenter 6yrs communication tower builder 2yrs B.S marketing mgt. and economics A.H.I.T (American Home Inspectors Training)home study and classroom course. I live in Conway, NH about 2hrs north of Manchester. Someone within 3 hour drive. Thanks eric I will compensate. please E-mail me at sief1970@verizon.net if you are interested.
  2. Thanks for helping the new guy. Its great to actually see a little consistency to the questions. I will do a little more research. As for the Tiff idea, it was mentioned to me by a Tiff salesperson that technicians use it to test methane gas emmisions coming from manhole covers. I have tested poor venting using the Tiff and although very unscientific, the results seem to show that drains with very poor venting or none at all will trigger the tiff at a very low sensitivity (1 1/2 lights). Maybe its all voodoo. Eric from New Hampshire
  3. I am new to the profession and seem to have many more questions than answers. Maybe someone can help the new guy. Here are some of my questions: 1. I have been using a mini protimeter to analyze whether a waterstain is active or not, when comparing the difference between the drywood and the waterstained wood I am seeing a very small incremental difference (11 on the stain and 10 on the non-stained area)does this mean the stain is active or is this inconclusive? 2. Does a scuttle hatch door have to be fire rated. 3. Sometimes it is very difficult to tell if a toilet, or sink is vented cor
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