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  1. My bet is on the mod bit. TPO is ok as long as it's glued down instead of mechanically fastened. Fully adhered. But... Ventilation is key. In flow at the facia - I hide the vent panel under the perimeter edge flashing and out flow behind a sheet metal detail at the back roof to wall. Consider also a receiver flashing to terminate the siding above and be able to maintain the roof termination below. I haven't the means to send a drawing now. May as well toss in some mushroom spores and harvest the shrooms next year without venting. Otherwise you may become a customer if mine and I'll charge you out the--- to repair it. No offense telling you about roofing since you've laid up so much but this is what keeps gas in my boat.
  2. Is "dumb ass" reference enough?!
  3. Ditto to what Kurt said. Chicago is plagued with efflorescence issues like this. It's shows a steady stream of water bringing out the elements of the hard mortars.
  4. This is a complete cluster --- if I've ever seen one! Screw the kick out flashing. You can't even see the baby tins for the shingles against the roof to wall. Probably no head or sill flashings. Tell the contractor to strip it off because he's an idiot. You need a rain screen. Not too fancy. Strip out the exterior with furring and then install a substrate which you glue the stone. He can vent the rain screen through a simple flashing detail up in the gables. Better yet, tell you client to walk and take the money. We will learn how to extract the project's precious metals from the landfill in the future anyway. It's great for repair guys like me to find this work , but, come on!
  5. The builder wants to dump the house. It's a soaker. Probably cheap drain tile kinked in the corner and stopping all flow. The only guy who knows the problem hoped to bury his mistake. Good luck!
  6. My garage has hardi siding. I live just north of Chicago. I've been watching the material expand and contract over the 16 yrs I've owned it. It's not much but it happens.
  7. I just realized this photo didn't have the second piece of counter flashing. Here's the finished picture. Click to Enlarge 37.33 KB
  8. Yes. It's at the 8th course. We also have a perimeter vent for the flat roof. It vents out through the 2 piece counter flashing at the roof termination. Click to Enlarge 70.31 KB
  9. Here's a picture of a split face block wall with a vented coping installed on top: Kurt is instrumental in helping to develop this concept. Click to Enlarge 47 KB This is 2 days after a lot of rain. The moisture in the wall wicked out pretty quick. You'll notice where the line of through wall flashing is present. It is keeping the rest of the wall from exhausting through the top.
  10. Did Hardi ever specify rain screen behind the siding?
  11. Kudos to all the flashing details. Also, if the windows have pressed in gaskets at the glass instead of being wet glazed with silicon they will leak like a crazy
  12. Hello all. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Bob Kelly. A Chicago carpenter specializing in repair. I've been following the forums and it looks like there's more than 2 brain cells here sharing good ideas and info. My thing lately is coming up with vapor release style flashings that keep out wind driven rain. We have installed these on the classic sfb's , jumbo brick / block. These pink elephants have to breath. Kurt has been instrumental in helping develop the concept. I'm always looking for different situations to adapt this. Thanks in advance for your input.
  13. I'm new to the forum I looked at one sfb last week for a new client. He needed a $ to negotiate the sale. Asking price $1.1 The house looked surprisingly good except for a water stain in second floor closet. Then we went to the unfinished garage: identical construction and modac coating. It was a soaker! About 120k to fix. I reminded him they didn't give the house to the good crew and the garage to the apprentice
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