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  1. Fair enough. I'll work on that this week.
  2. Would you say to make things more personable, such as me specifically? I always thought of the "company" but I guess it's just me. How would I sound versus we? The intent of the front page was to make the home buyer comfortable. That we, or I am there to look out for them, and represent them. Too generic? Any recommendations? I'm no marketing or sale person, just a guy who realized that it's vital to have good marketing. That's why I decided to ask the experts here. I did all the work myself, and it's my first time on this type of a journey. Thank you Jerry for writing so quickly.
  3. This is great. Can you guys look at my stuff? I'm looking for the gloves off approach, let me hear it! Www.aboveandbeyondhi.com Thank you in advance for your help. Dutch.
  4. Bill, great point. I'll have to do that shortly, here and other places. How about web site design? I worked many hours on my site, trying to figure out what to say and how to make the site look. Any tips on that? Www.aboveandbeyondhi.com if you have a second to look. Thanks.
  5. Some bubba brought it home from work, and found a use for it. This is a three phase contactor commonly used in industrial applications.
  6. Yes, its doing the work two wire nuts would. Interesting.
  7. http://www.homedepot.com/p/Milwaukee-M1 ... cU1k7zD_ug This is a decent scope that the depot stocks usually. I have played with the demo in store and it seemed ok.
  8. I've not seen it ether. Link to you tube?
  9. I'm from Columbia, but have not fully started the business yet. I couldn't officially help you but I might be able to guide you in the right direction. I am very familiar with the government lifestyle, having PCS'd a few times myself. Hopefully soon I will be able to fill the void in the Columbia market. Send me a PM if you would like to talk.
  10. I use 1 and 1, and it seems to be pretty good. The site is still in development but the US based tech support is great. Cost me 86 per year, might be worth a try. The builder is a drop down menu, very user friendly.
  11. 480. I was starting out at the time and it scared me into wearing a cotton over shirt, gloves and face shield while working on hot circuits. Great learning experience, and looked kinda cool. No one got hurt so it was ok.
  12. The wrong wire was used to install this water heater. These require a 2 hot and a ground, usually a #10, depending on capacity. This is a 3 hot with ground so the white wire is not uses/not needed. Just put a wire nut on it and stuff it into the junction box. Just to be safe, make sure the white wire is also capped of in the breaker panel, not on a neutral bar or breaker. BTW, why do you need a water heater if the water is already hot, get it, "Hot water heater"
  13. WOW! I'm just starting up, but will be buying a face mask and rubber gloves for panel inspections. As an former industrial electricians, seeing a plasma ball jump out of a 3 phase panel was scary.
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