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  1. walterb

    Enviro Air

    Thanks. Found out from the tech that it has something to do with the condenser fan .
  2. walterb

    Enviro Air

    Installed an Enviro Air mini split and have an error code E7. Anyone have a list of error codes for this brand.
  3. That would have been my guess also but its nice to get others opinions. Thanks.
  4. Sorry, I meant definitely not a 7 1/2 ton.
  5. Thanks Jim but this is definitely a 7 1/2 ton. All it feeds is a large bedroom and small bathroom. Additional info is that compressor is rated at 22 amps.
  6. Help. I need to know the tonnage of a Chrysler airtemp condenser. Only info I can find is comp # 3002-10 and model of condenser 1263-01Q
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