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  1. Found a couple of good Roofing contractors, using a combo of the ideas from this thread. The existing roof was "Roma" tiles and apparently they aren't made any more. There are 11 broken tiles on the roof at the moment, and the 35 year old, 30lb underlay, is potato chip brittle. It's a 1500sq ft, roof and the contractor is suggesting pulling the old tiles off, and replacing with Eagle "malibu" tiles and metal high temp self adhering underlayment. Any thoughts here about his choice of materials? What other questions should I be asking? Thanks for the help. It can get overwhelming being in an specialty area that I know nothing about.
  2. If something is simple and straightforward it is banned in the HOA rules here. The HOA covers the ground landscaping, the exterior paint and the outside and inside water, and the driveway paving. The rest is on the owner. It's a learn as you go for this 70+ year old, first time buyer.
  3. Maybe I'm crossing some sort of forum lines with this, but I could really use some help. I am about to close on a condo, in Northern California, with a 35 year old concrete tile roof. I have had a home inspection, a pest inspection and a roofing inspection. All 3 had different opinions about the roof. The home inspector found suspected leaks around flashing. evidenced by appearance of plywood in the attic and slipped tiles. The pest inspector says parts of plywood under roof, in attic were able to peel off in his hand. The roof inspector, didn't look in attic and said roof looked okay, discoloration of tiles but nothing more. At this point I am completely stumped about how to get a good estimate and evaluation of the condition. From lurking here, I understand that concrete tile roofs are a bit of a sub-specialty. I need help on finding a good roofer, experienced with concrete tile roofs, that will do a good job with any repair or replacement. Any suggestions about how I look for them would be a real help to me. I am a senior, first time home buyer who is out of his depths with this. Thanks,
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