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  1. Does anyone use buildfax to check for permits or any other service? If so what is it and how much do you pay? I am thinking about doing that so I can add that as an add on benefit to hiring me. Let me know thanks!
  2. At the end of the day if I have to get this education, I rather have some fun doing it. Mixing it up with a hypnotist/comedy act, poker tournament, bowling outing and a celebrity appearance is better than the norm. I agree that these conferences need to change their format and well at least this appears to be a start. As attendance at other conferences begins to drop they'll be getting the picture, this is the first to try something "different" so can't bad mouth on that.
  3. Not sure if you guys have heard but the Casey O'Malley/InspectionNews Conference is coming October 20-23 in Vegas and they have Brande Roderick former playmate of the year and contestant from Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice appearing. [:-slaphap I am going and it's def a different spin on a conference, it'll make getting continuing education a little less bland. There's also a free poker tournament with her playing in it as well. Check out the info here: http://www.inspectionconference.com/201 ... derick.php Click to Enlarge 57.44 KB
  4. This will be intriguing to follow and see what homesafe does now? In a way settling with them and making it "disappear" validates the claim. Look out home inspectors there may be more coming...
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