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  1. Hi homnspector, CAC is Central Air Conditioning. Sorry, it's a Canadian thing I guess. Shhhhhhhh ! []
  2. Hey everyone, I am clueless when it comes to electrical so I need all the help I can get. We have 60 amp service (to be upgraded this winter) but there is a 100 amp breaker panel that it's connected to. Is this safe ? Secondly, anyway to figure out which breaker turns off what when they're unlabled ... besides switching it off and going on a hunt to see what isn't working ? Thanks everyone =o)
  3. Geraldo has been and gone, even he didn't know ! House was built in the early 50's and I do believe there is one galvanized pipe down beside the furnace, rest is copper from what I remember the inspector saying. We have a municipal water supply. And today I noticed it happened at the kitchen sink as well. What to do, what to do ?
  4. Hi everyone, Back again with yet another head scratcher, for me anyways ! Why is it that when the shower is running (this, so far, is the only place I've noticed it happen) and no one else is in the house, I'm losing water pressure when no other water source is turned on in the house ??? Is it a water heater thing, when it runs it takes away from the pressure ? We have CAC but it's turned off. Is it possible a neighbour could be linked into the main source ? I have no clue ... any ideas folks ? Thanks =o)
  5. Thank you everyone for your suggestions & advice. On a tip from a co-worker I decided to try bleach in the toilet and in the problem sink. Low and behold the stink is gone ! So it wasn't the water ... probably a disturbance of gas as was mentionned. Thanks again everyone. See you on the forums !
  6. Phew ... ok first off the odour just smells like sewage or something, like a rank outhouse. Don't know anything about a wooden drain pan =o) This is the only bathroom upstairs, and no other drains smell like this. I have never noticed the odour in the shower so it seems as if it's specific to the sink. There is only one water heater and it's in the basement. I honestly believe it's the water and not the sink, if you're standing over it with no water running you don't smell anything. The house is ooooooooooold ... built in 1954. On March 14, 2002 I was having a beer at
  7. Hi everyone, We just bought our first home and were wondering what factor(s) would cause the water that comes out of the upstairs bathroom sink faucet to stink ?! All other faucets are fine but this one is wretched ! Another thing we noticed is when we turn the water off upstairs the pipes in behind the wall shake - not violently or anything but I have a feeling it's not a good sign. Any advice, opinions, suggestions on what we should do ? Thanks everyone !
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