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  1. How many codes do you think they just make up cause it sounds good?
  2. I am working on an older a house. I found that the wiring in general was less than professional. In the crawl space I see that the romex was zip tied to the csst line. I have no way to tell if the gas line if it is bonded and grounded. Would you call that out( I did) and how would you write it up. I said something to extent that with out knowing if gas line is bonded and grounded this poses a safety risk. I advised to have romex secured to the flooring. Thoughts?
  3. It's the same thing. That's just a metal canister with the glass fire-suppression grenade inside. You have to open the cap and read the label on the glass to reveal if it contains carbon tetrachloride or CM7. http://www.oldhouseweb.com/how-to-advic ... zard.shtml I kinda like that the direction says through grenade. My fire extinguisher sucks by comparison.
  4. It can not cost much to have pvc pipe installed. I would say the PEX is not proper material for this use and recommend have a PVC, Copper, or Galvanized installed.
  5. The pizza delivery guy will always be able to find your house. So it is a win for me.
  6. Must older homes do not anchor bolts. I know there a few companies around here that there main function is earthquake retrofitting. So my solution if you do not anchor bolts add anchor bolts.
  7. I am just blown a way by the photo. From some comments this normal in Chicago area? I mean that just looks crazy.
  8. There are knots on the sheets that if you look closely you will see an L and a P. It is very common where I work. I've stuff that looks new and other stuff that is rotted growing mushrooms. If it is contact with ground, vegetation, an over flowing gutter or any other moisture it rots pretty fast.
  9. I see bricks and they might be attached to a house
  10. I am still new to being a home inspector. That being said I see that I provide a very valuable to the customer. If it is for the buyer of a home I point out items can cast a lot of money to fix, small maintenance things that need attention to maintain the home. I get a lot of new home buyers who might not much home building. So I let them know what I see with my training and experience in the construction field. I do not thing having knowledge about one of the biggest purchases of someone life is extortion. What I give is a unbiased opinion of the home. A list of observations and facts. I
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