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  1. Thanks for all your input,very helpful. I was a mechanical and plumbing contractor,lisc in 3 states for 36 years and sold my company to my son 8 years ago,I know about liability. I also have a Marine Survey company I have operated full time since selling my mech company to my son. A lot a my business is referrals from marine dealers. Yes it sounds like the same thing were talking about here. All I can say is many times the dealers will refer me and I have to give the customer bad news,I then do hear from them for awhile, but they always call refer me again. Honesty and Integrity. Many Many times the customer who was refereed to me by the marina will say whats wrong with this picture,Marine broker selling the boat, referring a marine surveyor, what am I nuts:My reply is always ( why would I jepardize my career over a $ 300.00 job. And I mean that. It always seems to work...Thanks again
  2. just got NACHI cert. No ride alongs...thanks
  3. Recently certified home inspector. Any advice on marketing a new business. realtor referrals, seo marketing etc
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