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  1. Hello, Lennox offers a solar powered controlled heat pump. The solar modules give the power need to work the heat pump. The owner can buy the Sun Source? Solar Ready alternative and add as many Lennox solar modules as wanted. Thanks Zarajohn@
  2. Really? Why? What concentration? Really? Yes. Why? No toxic fumes. Concentration? Three percent is fine. Put it in a spray bottle, spray, let set for 10 minutes, scrub, then wipe clean. HELLO, One reason is that bleach cannot totally murder mold developing in permeable materials. The chlorine in bleach cannot enter into porous surfaces for example, drywall or wood. The chlorine is left on the surface of porous materials and only the water component of the bleach is absorbed into the material, giving more moisture for the mold to feed on. A portion of the mold at first surfac
  3. hi I can't consider any individual who might have an open window when it?s that cool, but he claims that the plumber will testify for that. Could you let me know what happens when a radiator bursts because the pipes froze, as opposed to what happens when there is a defect in the rad itself? As I said, minor gaps started to form, consistently, along a single one of the rad's vertical tubes. What could precipitate that? At long last, all the rads have two pipes going down. They have an outlet for bleeding and a round key/wheel to turn them on and off. What type of system would that be? It'
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