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  1. I wasn't suggesting that it would be done by software. There are highly skilled people from other countries with skills such as video editing. I could provide a service where you upload your raw videos and these highly skilled people could construct the video professionally. You get the end result to share with your clients. Would anyone be interested in trialling a service like this?
  2. Let's say you could wave a magic wand and have professionally edited inspection videos made from your the videos you are taking now with your cheap cameras. What would that be worth to you and is that something that others would be interested in?
  3. You mean as sort of a video camera? Marc You can take photos & record video without needing to carry things around. You can build programs on them in a similar way to a smart phone. Just an idea, maybe not a good one
  4. Even though it has been discontinued something like Google Glass or smart glasses could be an improvement.
  5. The market size is fine. If I had 1000 customers paying $30 a month it would be more than enough. My job is to understand new domains and then build solutions for them. So like the guys suggest I go into a completely new business' and spend time with the domain experts to find out what I need to know. For the last 10-15 years I've been building software and then trying to find a market for it. I've recently learnt about a this process where first I talk to people and understand their problems and validate solutions and reduce risk by getting people to invest in the idea before buildi
  6. For sure, if you don't want / feel you need to change then I'm not trying to "sell" you guys anything. I'd be interested to hear what the younger guys coming into to the industry have to say about the current software on offer.
  7. When I bought HI Pro in 2007 these same questions were being asked and answered. You could search Dom's website which has a forum with archives and a search function. Same approach, a dozen or so templates to choose from, Texas templates, earthquake templates, 4-point templates, and then you customize it yourself. HI Pro can be customized on the fly as you write the report and that report can become a template. Simple. I'm not seeing anything new here, in other words. What amazing breakthrough do you have for us? Agreed. I too use HIP and although I'm definitely no expert in use or c
  8. Can someone give me some guidance as to what the situation is with the reports. - What templates does everyone start with - What changes do you normally make to them - Are there other ways of doing them that aren't common but make more sense to the customer - What jobs suit which templates styles I've been thinking about having super flexible report templating and it adds to the complexity of the application quite a bit. It could come later but to start with I was thinking instead to have an extensive list of standard reports that you can either export straight to pdf or to ano
  9. I've put together a clickable mockup that I'd love some feedback on.... You can see it here. Please give the images a chance to load. There is plenty I haven't mocked up but this would be the core of the application. If it doesn't make sense just ask which bits don't make sense and I will explain.
  10. There could be some boilerplate that could come standard but the boilerplate comments would be created and updated by you. These would be reusable from one inspection to the next.
  11. I wasn't suggesting that it would be a web app to be used in the field. This was the idea that I was looking for feedback on. Could it work for you? How reliable is your internet connectivity from your home or office?
  12. You are right that it isn't for everyone but some of the benefits of a web application over a desktop application are: - You don't need to install or upgrade anything - It runs on windows or mac or anything with a browser - You pay for what you use, when you use it - All your reports, templates, data etc is backed up and secure - You get improvements & upgrades immediately as they are released - Your data can be accessed from anywhere and any device - The system can integrate with other web systems If I was to go and build a desktop app then straight away I would have to
  13. It certainly looks pretty cool. - Do you just upload every single image you take or do you pick and choose from your application and then upload the rest (is that the "Load Pics" button?) - What resolution do you take your photos with - Do you do any scaling or resizing before uploading or do they go up full res? - Do you annotate your images and can you do that in your app? - What is the "DAR" button It sounds like the best option is for HI's to just have a camera and then have a very slick process back at the computer. What do other people think? You would pretty m
  14. Here's a couple screen shots. It's kind of sloppy because I'm always fiddling around with comment buttons. Every category page is essentially the same. I can see everything, or just that category. You are a legend, thank you very much. Originally I was going to put together a mockup where you would do most of the data capture like this on a tablet app. Listening to the feedback however about having to carry something like a tablet around and how hard it would be to do data entry or etc I'm thinking that this won't suit many people. So rather than that what about a hybrid sol
  15. Probably not, as I built it in FM Pro and I'd have to give you a sample, which I won't do. It's basic DB storage fields and query sets for the Comment and Graphic Libraries; find it, click it, it goes in the report. All the data collection is in portals to keep the size the file extremely small. It looks real simple because it is, but making it that way requires a lot of relational stuff going on under the hood. That's the trick. I don't need much.... all I've seen are the ones that have all the bloat so I would love a look at something that is scaled right back and works for yo
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