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  1. I offer a reduced rate if the inspection is stopped part way through. I amend the agreement stating that the inspection and the home purchase was stopped by the client and no report is given unless they want it. They always, don't bother with the report. I do keep my notes and pictures on file, in the event they are needed. More often than not, they thanks me and hire me for the next home.
  2. As we know time is precious in our business. Especially when you have multiple inspections booked. I have had this occur a few times. The agent would call informing me that they would be late. They say you can start the inspection and want to give you the lock box # to enter the home. I then ask is the house vacant or is is occupied ? If it occupied, I tell them not to give me the lock box # and I will wait till they get there. If the home is vacant with no personal belongings, I don't have a problem going in. I also confirm that they will be there during our scheduled time. What are your thought's ?
  3. Let me rephrase that. Wrong choice of words on my part. The opportunity of reinspecting the house might yeild a better report and inspection. The liability is the same.
  4. There is also reduced liability when doing the inspection the 2nd time. I factor that into it too.
  5. We had the same here in Toronto. I have no complaints about the mild weather this time of year.
  6. What is the typical cost for a UV flashlight ? Any models to recommend ?
  7. I do offer pool inspections at an additional cost. I do explain to the clients that it is a visual inspection only. I do not perform pressure tests on the return and supply lines and I don't do a swab test of the liner or shell of the pool. If the client is well aware of the scope and limitations of the pool inspection, then you are fine. Being familiar with pools is obviously better. I have owned and serviced my own pool for the last 16 years.
  8. I report it as well. The potential for piercing a wire is there.
  9. I think they are just trying to transfer liability to the inspector.
  10. In the past I have offered to do another inspection at the full rate. Some people were looking for a reduced rate and typically I said no. The reason is I am still spending the same amount of time on the second inspection and report writing. Most clients understand, some don't however. Better to play it safe and be above board with everyone.
  11. So how many of you have preformed an inspection. Your clients decide not to buy the home. You then get contacted by another potential buyer for that house. They know you did an inspection. They want to buy the inspection report from you. What do you do ? 1.Sell it to them. 2. Offer to do another inspection for them at discounted rate. Or 3. decline the inspection ?
  12. Some good responses here. For me it really depends on how soon after the first inspection was done. I have performed a second inspection on the same house, but it was 2 years later. I did not bother to inform the client. I realized it as I was pulling up to the house. Many renovations were done to the home. It was also not owned by my previous clients. I conducted the inspection as usual.
  13. Has anyone ever inspected the same home within a short time span ? If so did you inform the client ?
  14. You will need Errors and Omission (E&O), general liability and WSIB insurance. you will pay more for E&O for the first few years because you are new to the industry. It can be expensive. I would go on the Ontario site for more information. www.oahi.com. I hope this helps. Best of luck to you.
  15. Sometimes I just shake my head and wonder how things like this happen. www.dsmproperty.com
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