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  1. You can see from these two images, that the back of the yard slopes toward the house. I had to cut out 16-18" just to get the slope flat enough for the paver area. In order to slope that yard away from the house, that cut in the back would be well over 3'. That would create a problem there. However, sloping it toward the patio, and the patio away from the house, creates a perfect spot for the channel drain. Click to Enlarge 105.36 KB Click to Enlarge 154.26 KB
  2. The house behind me is higher. In order to pitch the paver portion away from the house, I would have to construct a retaining wall back there. It is much more feasible to drain the pavers towards the patio. Where the patio and the pavers will meet, will be the low point. It is easiest to let it drain naturally there, and catch it in a channel style drain. From there, I can slope it to either side of the house and outlet it through the 3" pipe that runs out to the from of the house and into the gutter. I just was curious if anyone knew of a mirco channel that had a 3" side outlet. If not, I can
  3. I am in the process of re-doing my back yard. I just brought in the mini excavator and the skidsteer and loaded out a few truck loads of dirt. I am going to construct a built-in Santa Maria style grill and some built-in areas for my gas grill and pellet smoker. I was able to get about 1,000sf of brick pavers off of a job we have. I have the grade set, and I am ready to keep going. I have two existing 3" drain lines that run down either side of my property. One on each end of the back patio. I want to run a trench drain along the edge of the concrete patio area where I am going to start my pave
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