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  1. Apparently there was air in the system that hadn't been fully purged. A few minutes with a hose and now there's heat upstairs, yay. On this the likely last day we'll need heat here.
  2. Another thought - maybe something wrong in the air handler that sends heat upstairs?? But then why rapidly running out of hot water again, too. Clearly seems to be not enough hot water being produced or accessible to provide a reasonable amount of DHW while also running the heat upstairs and down.
  3. The saga continues. Parts finally arrived and the tank was repaired last Friday. New gas valve and thermocouple, new expansion tank, replaced corroded pipes. And for two days she had plenty of hot water. However, it has been warm here until yesterday. Once it got cool again we turned on the downstairs and upstairs heat (70 downstairs until lowering to 68 at bedtime, 67 upstairs). This morning we woke up to the heat working ok downstairs but no heat at all upstairs, just blowing cold air out of the vents, and now the shower almost immediately runs out of hot water, maybe 30 seconds worth. Only thing I can think of is what Jim mentioned above, a bad dip tube. The plumber is coming back this week to address a dripping shower valve and broken toilet. I'll have her ask him about the tube.
  4. JIm, I passed that along to her. The plumber's coming back tomorrow; I can't be there, but I suggested she ask the guy what you said. I think the people who owned the house before her did a lot of the mechanicals themselves, so they may have botched this system.
  5. Well, now sticker shock. Guy says thermocouple tests fine but gas control valve bad. Expansion tank bladder bad. Corroded pipes (he showed me) and rusted pan under burner. Cost to attempt repair: $800. Cost to replace with new water heater and the various attached bits: $5,400. He will attempt repair but warns the corroded pipes may not permit it.
  6. OK, thanks Jim! She has a plumber coming out who specializes in Apollo systems (a guy on the staff of her regular plumber, who she has used before and trusts). Side note: The Apollo guy can't come until next Wednesday because he stays booked up working on these systems. Like several other folks in this thread, we're in N.C.... I passed along your info to her and will try to be at her house when the plumber comes. I suspect a "non-Apollo" plumber could fix what sounds like basic water heater problems, but she wants to stick with the Apollo guy. Again thanks, and I will update after the service call.
  7. Hello all. My GF has an Apollo HydroHeat system and experienced the following symptoms about a month ago: 1) Hot water when showering would run out very quickly, she says 30 seconds. Water was hot then cold, not lukewarm. House heat worked normally. The water heat issue continued for several days. 2) Next, no hot water at all. House heat normal. Several days of this. 3) After not showering in her house for a few days, she got a shower with, again, a brief amount of hot water. 4) Then no more hot water and no house heat, just cold air from vents. Tonight I checked the water heater. The pilot light was out. I carefully followed the relight procedure printed on the tank; the pilot would visibly come on (via piezo click starter), stay on while I kept the gas control valve depressed in the pilot position for a minute, then quickly fade out when I released the button. Tried this several times, same each time. I will try to attach a pic of the tank label but it's a 75-gallon, 75,000-BTU unit from State, build date is 2011. Model number is A675XRRSL 300. Any help much appreciated! She's freezing in here.
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