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At  60 years of age, I went back to high school and finished the credits I needed to graduate, I had dropped out at the beggining of my sophmore year so I could work and help my mother pay the bills.

Married twice.

I  completed the Carson Dunlop Home Inspector training program with 87% overall score., 12  classes, took me a year to do it at home. This training includes a lot of field work assignments where you go out and get familiar with the materials that are used building a house, do inspections for friends and family. 

I was lucky because while I was studying a house was being built a property away from mine. I was able to observe the work from the grading of the site, through all the stages of the built to completion, and dida final inspection before the owners signed off on it and then inspected it  again after the problems I found were fixed. That was a great learning experience for me

The reason I had to train that way was because I care for my disabled husband of 29 years. Also because I live too far away from any kind of Inspector school and 100 miles round trip o the nearest college and it does not offer classes in the subject.

My business is registered with the state of California, in my county. Its name is Echo Valley Home Inspection. I have a business license, a business truck with rack, a good ladder and the other tools needed to do inspections.I still need E&O insurance, a website and biz cards then ready to roll. I admit I had no clue as to how much start up money would be necessary to get an inspection business started,  that reality caught me off guard.

Before this I ran my own little landscaping business in my mountain community for 16 years, out of the back of my 1953 GMC truck, clipped with a 454 engine and TERBO 400 tranny.. Oh what fun! Before that I worked in several different warehouses shipping and recieving did that for 12 years. Before that, retail sales and managed a few liquor stores. Worked as a mechanic for several years when I was a young adult.

I am the 6th child out of 8 children raised by a single mother. No welfare back then so we were very poor and went hungry a lot.

I love houses, old classic trucks and cars, motorcycle riding, horseback riding, swimming, music, bouldering, camping, shooting and sipping on an occasional glass of whiskey and writing and my two chocolate labs, mother and son. And inspecting houses.

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