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  1. If anybody has info on ANY Republic GyroScopic Furnace's please contact us @ The Gamble/Eury Historic House Museum - phone number (937) 783-2729. We are restoring/preserving our Republic GyroScopic C-180 and it has been running non-stop since 1960 when it was installed. Yes, in a few months our furnace will have made 60 years of in service non-stop with ZERO maintenance in our home besides changing the coupler in the original Bell and Gossett circulator pump/motor. These furnaces are VERY ULTRA RARE especially the gas conversion kit and should NEVER be scrapped or in terms of what 'AHI in AR' said above and I quote- "Realistically, it's inefficient; put it out to pasture." There wasn't a whole lot of these furnaces/conversion kits made and they're MORE realistically and WAY MORE EFFICIENT than anything modern you can get your hands on, we guarantee it. They're about 40 yrs ahead of their time and built to last with no maintenance issues. Now to as mentioned in this form of the L125 I have no idea about the efficient aspect considering its not gas I would assume, if it is gas then yes to being efficient. I also would assume that the L-125 probably would in fact be a 1955. I would say its safe to say that the L-125 is indeed rare considering its probably one of the first designs on the market, now how rare compared to the C-180 I have no idea but considering it is a smaller size I would assume more were made compared to the C-180. Luckily we have kept ours in perfect working collectors (museum) condition, however as all things do get old in which break down is a concern thus we are collecting parts. We are interested in ANY of these things as follows : literature, parts, knowledge, pictures, ANYTHING we can obtain. We are VERY interested in any circuit board box's, regulators, thermostats, fire boxes, and main units (including any parts). If you have a Republic GyroScopic or know someone who does please get in contact with us. If you own one and are using it, please give us a shout as well as we would like to hear about it. As far as we know our Republic GyroScopic C-180 is the ONLY ONE LEFT IN THE WORLD still in its original place when installed while still being fully functional in perfect original running condition. We did find out another C-180 was still in full operation and running, however it was removed recently to be donated to a college to show how far advanced these things were and with that removal it will no longer be in operation ever again. We plan to keep our furnace in full operation at our historic home for well over 100+ yrs and much longer and keeping it as original as possible meaning any replaced parts will be with matching number parts if breakage happens. So with that said, we need your help out there and much is appreciated. Our Republic GyroScopic is a natural gas conversion and the model number is C-180. It was installed at our house brand new in 1960 so manufacture date on C-180 would range from 1956-1963ish, but for ours though being installed in 1960 it would have been made 1958-1960. On a cool note to this an ultra rare gas meter (1960 American Meter Company 5B-225 cu ft per hr) was installed the same time at our home as the home was converted from oil to natural gas in 1960. We was able to purchase the gas meter and the gas line from Duke Energy to restore it ourselves in 2019 in which we will be hooking back up the meter. Duke Energy installed a new gas meter for their billing by hiding their new meter behind our bushes through a special project deal. We will have two meters working as a double meter setup on the same service line. Duke Energy is responsible for their meter and we are responsible for our meter. Our whole gas line is being preserved/restored to keep it as much original as possible, so if anybody out there also has any information, parts or a meter like this, please contact us. Share this post and get the word out as much as possible. We need your help and without you we can't do this alone. History should be preserved and saved for generations to appreciate. The stories and memories are just as important as the artifacts so please instead of junking them please contact us. Thank you and we look forward in hearing from you.. Nicholas Eury, President Gamble/Eury Historic House Museum 506 West Main Street Blanchester OH 45107 (937) 783-2729 You may visit us at https://www.facebook.com/gamblehistorichouse
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