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  1. Thank you Jim. That's a great idea. The width of the current enclosure is 14 inch. Excluding the right hand side pipe/lines, that leaves the new one with 9 inch. I cannot extend to the left as it already next to a stud. Originally when I was thinking cutting the box in half, I was thinking using this one as it is 8.88 inch wide. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Square-D-QO-100-Amp-8-Space-16-Circuit-Indoor-Flush-Mount-Main-Lug-Load-Center-QO816L100FCP/100148341 Now it looks like I can only use RSCH12L125N on your back sheet as current one has 12 breakers. Is it okay to use this one but with N on UL67 listed? Thx.
  2. Thank you both for the reply. I am getting the proposals and one of them is just to leave them alone and put the new one in the closet next to it. Is it ok to install an electrical panel inside a walk-in closet?
  3. Hi, We have to replace a subpanel in the apartment and it turns out there are live wires (on the right hand side) going to other apartments. What is the correct way to replace the box without cutting these wires to other units? They are trapped in the knockout. If we cut the existing box in half and leave those wires on the side, will it affect the grounding to other units? Thanks for your help and time. Jim
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