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  1. Condensation on the sold suction line is causing the steel flare nut to rust, wouldn't happen if it were brass.
  2. They were defective after these specific events occurred. The integral transformer was still giving 27v on the secondary. The thermostat was stillreceiving 27v and calling for heat. The display was in turn displaying the boiler temp and indicating a call for heat yet was not providing power to the gas valve after the t- c was "short cycled."
  3. Customer complaint: older Dunkirk boiler, pilot went out, he removed and cleaned the pilot assembly, reinstalled, lit pilot then observed main burner light. As he was putting covers back on, he jostled the thermocouple line and the pilot went out. Subsequently, after relighting the pilot, the main burner would not light. I diagnosed the Hydrolevel 3250 controller as failed and replaced with new, but the same thing happened as I was putting on the covers. Contacted tech support and was told to replace the new controller under warranty. This time I checked and tightened the slightly loo
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