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  1. Thanks, Marc. That's incredibly helpful. The electrician's response to why he can't save the panel is below - does this make any sense to you or does it sound like he's just trying to sell me a panel? "Many times we try to remove corroded lugs either the buss bar is damaged or the lug gets stripped. Corrosion causes many problems with removal of screws and nuts. If we can not remove it or damaged in process there will be no option but to replace the panel. We take this on a case by case, sometimes we get lucky but most of the time, it is so bad we can not remove the lug."
  2. Hi all, The flashing where the top portion and protruding bottom portion of the house was incorrectly installed when the house was rebuilt a few years ago. Our engineer advised us to have a siding contract install z-bar flashing (currently there is just a piece of metal on each side where water can easily blow back into the siding of the house). The siding is some knock-off version of Hardie board we believe, and given that it is already installed, we're trying to figure out our options without having to take down any existing siding and replace it with new siding. We were thinking we cou
  3. Hi all,Seeking some advice here as I am purchasing a home where the inspection turned up a corrosion on the main lug. I've been speaking to a few electricians, one of which has stated that he believes it will not be possible to replace just the lug and that he will need to replace the whole panel. The panel itself is quite new, about 5 years old, and I am wondering if it is necessary to replace the whole panel or if there is a better way to do this. Furthermore, anybody have any ideas on how this one lug became corroded? I am also hoping to source the root of the corrosion to avoid any future
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