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  1. I agree, I am much better with computers. My family has no background in the trades or blue collar work (they are occupational therapists). I intended for home inspection to be more of a side job rather than a main gig. I don't even foresee myself being in the U.S. for long, so I am sure it would make no sense. I already put around $2,000+ into this, so I just wanted to complete the process and get my monies worth. I may someday pursue architecture, so I figured continuing this would also help as a good basis or foundation. Theory is good, but as with academia if you have all theory (book know
  2. Hello my name is David, I am 21 years of age. I had originally started the pre-licensing requirements to become a home inspector back in 2018. I took the exam late last November and did not pass. I however have gotten around to wanting to study and pass the exam this second time around. I thought about giving up, but I have put too much money into this to not continue on. I have no experience in blue collar work or any type of industrious background. I understand that many people in this profession have had a head-start with some type of involvement in construction and trade. I have c
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