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  1. Finally got the restring kit in. Completed the restring and it is working great (as good as it ever was anyway). Restringing or rather getting the old elements out was a bit more time consuming than I had anticipated but was not not a difficult task. This is a great lower cost solution. The pictures are post restring.
  2. I went ahead and ordered a Restring Kit 2 elements for ~$30. Only 1 element is broken but I will just replace both. https://www.amazon.com/2-Pack-Napco-Heater-Restring-volt/dp/B0758PCK9Q I will do my best to check back in after I get the parts and install them.
  3. Did this work for you? Looks you had the same original part I am trying to replace. My guess is that since your posts stop you did find that it was a match? I found the same part searching extensively on my own and do not see anything else that is close to a match. Thanks
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