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  1. That’s an amazing suggestion. I much appreciate you taking the time to reply. I home it’s fine if I inquire with you on some other topics in the future. Thank you, Marc
  2. Maybe I should clarify more. I have been living abroad for the past 8 years, but in a years time I’ll be coming back to the states. I’ve decided to pursue a career as a home inspector and would therefore like to start preparing as much as I can for my new career as early as possible.
  3. Thank you. I appreciate your suggestions.
  4. I would love to take in class courses, but for the next year I am living abroad. This is why for now I’m going the online route. So if there are any suggestions for online courses they would be much appreciated.
  5. Hello, everyone, I'm new to the forum, I'm excited to get started on being a home inspector in California. At the moment I'm looking for a well known and respected certification course I can do online.
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