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  1. I will also consider a trade for The Illustrated Home Book & CD
  2. I am using Inspect Express. The version of InspectIt I am selling is the most current version. Thanks, Mike
  3. Full version of the software. I attended their classroom course in December - great course. The software came with the classroom package I bought. Reports are fully customizable, and can be done in either Narrative or Checklist format. I've played around with the software, and it seems like really good software, but I'm not going to take the time to "learn" a new report. Retail is $745 for the software. I'll sell it for $350 cash or certified funds or credit card plus 3%Here's the link to their website, where you can download a trial version: http://www.ahit.com/products/software/reportplus.htm
  4. I've been scouring the 'net following the 2011 CES, in an attempt to find "THE" tablet PC that will suit all of my needs/desires. Here's what I'm looking for: Windows 7 based OS Solid State Drive at least 64GB SD Card Expansion Slots 3G capable (preinstalled card option, as opposed to having to go the USB adapter route) And finally, I want it to have a rear facing camera (similar to how the HP Slate 500 is configured) I just mentioned the HP Slate 500. At present, it's my top pick, but unfortunately, it doesn't have built in 3G. Has anyone used the HP Slate 500? Any issues with the 8.1" screen size? I'm fully accustomed to looking at and using my iPhone 4 extensively, so I don't anticipate having issues, although I've never used HI software on a small tablet screen. Any one know of a slate/tablet that is configured with what I'm looking for? My budget is in the $1000 - $1200 range. Much thanks.
  5. Among other things, I'm beginning the process of compiling both an electronic and paper library of books and other sources, that I can use as reference in execution of inspetions. What, in your opinion, are/is essential, can't live without material? much thanks
  6. 1.) What part of the inspection / inspection process do you suppose get's more inspectors in "hot water" ? 2.) Looking back at your time and experience in the business, what would you have done differently? 3.) If you could change something about the business that you don't like, what would it be? In advance, thanks for your input. I'm collecting peoples thoughts. I'm curious to know how in line I am with what others are thinking, although at this stage it's too early to draw too many conclusions. I do have a suggestion for my thrid question, which I'm very curisous to know what you all think. If I'm way off base, please forgive me - I am new to this. Looking at state regulations for inspections, it seems that largley the only governing bodies for inspections in most states is the professional organizations which SOME inspectors belong. My opinion of this is that it has the potential to lessen the credibility and value of the business and causes the HI to work even harder to prove their wothieness. Two things I don't understand: (1) why doesn't every single mortgage company doesn't require a home inspection prior to closing. (2) Why doesn't every home owners / renters insurance policy require an inspection? This brings about another question: How many of you have come across issues that could be considered a serious LIABILITY if not corrected? Again, thanks in advance for your input.
  7. For those of you that use a PDA for your reports in the field, how often is memory and issue? I'm trying to decide between devices at this point. The ones I'm deciding between each have the option for memory cards, but one device has 4GB of ROM and USB plugin ability. I've also gone back and forth over wether or not to get a smartphone device. What's your opinion on the matter? Call me fickle, but I just can't decide. No sooner than I think I've decided, I go and change my mind. Thanks,
  8. The glass is not half empty or half full, it is overflowing. What a great year, 2006. We (the family) have relocated from Okinawa, Japan to Hawaii - one island to the next, still only minutes from the beach. I've discovered a new career that will allow me the autonomy I'm looking for when I retire from the Marine Corps, and thankfully the Lord has brought me to this at this time so that I may begin to prepare step by step, rather than in a rush. In my journey I've discovered this forum, for which I'm so thankful. I'm so grateful for the wealth of information that is provided by fantastic people who epitomize professionalism, here on The Inspectors Journal Online. I wish you all great success in everything you embark upon in the new year. Semper Fidelis and many blessings, Mike
  9. Thanks Kurt. I gotta tell ya though, I've been talking with Bob Payne at InspetionView.....his customer services seems top notch, which is probably the most important issue to me, aside from the program itself, which so far seems very good as I'm running it in XP through Virtual PC on my Mac. At this point, I believe my serach is over. Thank you all.
  10. Thanks guys for all of your input and adivce. Kurt, I'd sure like to see the report in Filemaker sometime, although I believe at this point, I'm rather intent on using a handheld on site. Are any of you familiar with InspectionWise or Quickwork and their Palm OS compatible report software? Thanks again.
  11. Chris, Actually, I have given some thought to creating my own; however, at this point I'm not knowledgable enough to design a "winning" product. If I were to do that though, I would do it using File Maker Pro - a comprehensive, well rounded program that can meet all of your needs.........gee that sounds like an advertisement, huh - sorry
  12. One other quick question - what printer have any of you found that would work well in the field, at the back of a vehicle? Is that even a reality without re-wiring anything?
  13. Much thanks. Any idea if it will be available for the Palm OS?
  14. Here's my dilemna; I prefer to use Mac products or Windows alternatives. Looking at Home inspection Report software there's not many choices. I came across AHIT's InspectIt Report, which can run on Palm OS 5.0 and above. Has anyone used this software on a Palm? What's your opinion of it? Is it a finished product on the Palm or does it need to be uploaded to a computer and finished off with photo's from there? The other alternative I'm looking into is ITA's InspectNOW software that runs on Pocket PC. Same questions - Is it a finished product on the PDA or does it need to be uploaded and finished off with photo's from a computer? I will be using my Mac G4 PowerBook as my business computer. On it, I run Virtual PC which allows me to run the Windows XP OS from within Mac OS X environment without having to reboot - rather convenient, but I would prefer not to have to connect to the internet while running windows. I've enjoyed the past 12 months with my PowerBook since I haven't had to worry about viruses or bugs or any of the typical Windows problems or concerns. Don't mistake this post as a MS vs. Apple debate - that it is not. I need advice on which report software to use, that is fairly comprehensible and can work on a PDA. By chance, is there a report program available that works all within the Adobe PDF format? Adobe files are ambiguous between OS's and I'm sure I can find a way to make that work for my needs using Adobe for Mac. Any other input?? Much thanks ya'll. Have a fantastic, safe, and blessed new year.
  15. Would it be uncommon to find modern homes without them? Modern, I guess, being within the past 40 years? Don't recall ever seeing anything remotely like that in the house I grew up in.
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