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  1. We get zero realtor referrals and if a Realtor calls us we politely ask them to have the client call us directly. We get all of our business either through attorneys, education seminars, non-profit housing advocacy, online advertising and alot through ASHI. We seem to get great leads from ASHI, I do not have the numbers in front of me but we probably do 4-6 inspections some months through the ASHI site. ASHI pays for itself usually within one week of paying the dues. The number of leads seems to have atleast doubled in the last year. We dropped NAHI and NACHI, NAHI produced maybe 2 leads in 2 years. Nachi produced nothing but price shoppers and we got sick of their hype. I know alot of guys were upset about the whole ASHI branding thing but in the northeast most educated (not necessarily formal education but people who just have a clue) buyers seem to mention ASHI at some point. Pete
  2. Around here they are usually run into the soffitts. I believe that this is due to a lack of education "we always do it that way). I insist on them being thru an exterior wall with a cap hood. It does not cost me anything and if it cost $50, who cares. There is no downside to venting them to the exterior, in my opinion this is a no brainer. Pete
  3. The builder is a goof, spray foam is cheap and easy to use, even fun.. When we are building I either do it myself or stay on top of the insulation contractor to get it done. As a builder and an inspector I am dismayed at the quality of homes in the local speculative market. NY does not require licensing for builders, there is a bill in the legislature but unfortunately the NYSBA is fighting it. I think it would be a good thing. Pete
  4. Chad thanks--I just spoke to him and he is going to call me later. Thanks Pete
  5. Does anybody have an email or phone for George Moomaw? or can you answer the following? I found a site that showed how to do the "j" calc I did it for a 4k sq ft home that I am building in Orange County, NY and the btu requirements totalled about 105k btu. My questions are: does this sound like the right ballpark (I am used to seeing much larger units or this size unit in houses 1/2 the size)? the formula did not ask about domestic hot water, we are going to have 2 50 gallon indirect water heaters, how many btu's do I add for this? Thanks Pete
  6. Does anyone know if the plywood clips are required in NY state? I never see them on residential nor are they on the sets of plans that I have seen. Pete
  7. I have never heard of testing tile--what are you testing for?? Pete
  8. NY state did not have any law previoulsy although a few counties had their own. I must admit that we are not that worried since we meet the requirements. I do feel badly for the people that are close and have invested in real tools and a legit education and background. But I am also glad there will some elimination fo the hacks with a clipboard and a flashlight that are out there ripping people off with impunity. I wish the law had more consumer protection like MA but it is better than nothing. As for the mentoring many professions require it (plumbing, real estate agent, doctors) but training the competition does seem weird. I think Chris Prickett posted a reasonable fee schedule for training someone. I think if the trainee paid for the 75 accompanied and then was paid by the trainer for the 250 "supervised" that would be fair to all parties. For example Trainee pays $100 per inspection for the 75 and then they go out on their own and I pay them $150 per inspection, maybe a little more if they get referrals or similar type incentives. I has to be put in place, there will never be a law that is favorable to inspectors an dthe public each side has to give a little.. Pete
  9. I have heard that the NY legislature passed a bill for a Licensing law in NY. I gave it a quick read and it seems that grandfathering will require 3 years (counting from 1 year after the governor signs the bill into law) AND 350 inspections. Does anybody have any other details or info? My guess is that this will cut down on competition. Has it done so in other states? Have you guys who made grandfathering requirements seen a big financial benefit? I did not look too closely at the requirements for people starting out but it looks like 96 hours of class, testing, 75 accompanied inspections and then 250 "supervised". How has this affected people in other states?
  10. Don't people pay 30K or more to buy a franchise that then takes a percentage for life?? WHy not buy our little biz that grosses 45k? You pay us 65k and then you have everything a franchise offers you--a report, an identity a working business plan (that you can change), marketing experience past clients, tools, and most importantly something that a franchise can not give you a ringing phone. I totally agree that it is not hard if you have the time and money to start from scrathc you should not buy an existing business. But if you can not afford to have no income for 2 years than buy an existing business. I see the franchise decision as the same. If you have no business or marketing skills buy a franchise they will tell you exactly what to do. We are in the process of selling our business. We grew beyond our resources, we tried hiring a few different inspectors and were not happy, we had to make the decision to either sell or really push more reources to the business and we opted for selling. We are currently working with a business broker. I recommend that anyone looking to sell a business meet with a professional biz broker. Pete
  11. I am building myself a new home in the Hudson Valley of NY. The basement level will be the garage and storage, gym, future finished space. I have heard of putting insulation under the slabs? WHat kind should I use? How does it keep from getting crushed to pieces if it is rigid foam? In the garage I am planning to put radiant--should I do anything different to insualte that? Any ideas/details are welcome? Pete
  12. Why can't you use Water-resistant gypsum backing board over a vapor retarder in a shower? What about if it is a steam shower? Pete
  13. I just sold my 4 year old house and the people never mentioned an inspection. I was really disappointed. I had added GFCI's in the kitchen and was interested to see if the inspector would catch a couple of the changes I had made. Oh well. Pete
  14. Even if there is no attic, a 1" air space is currently required between insulation and roof sheathing. Without destructive investigation, you cannot know what the current air space is between the insulation and sheathing. My experience is that a 40 year old house roof was not adequately ventilated when built and there are likely to be concealed problems such as rot, mildew, and/or mold. You asked what are the ventilation requirements, not what were they when the house was built. I would not refer to current code requirements, just good construction practice and potential problems caused by inadequate ventilation. Just CYA and write about the possible concealed problems that may not be discovered within the scope of your inspection. Is there any possibility that it is one of the blown in insulations that do not require venting? Pete
  15. I am going to guess 30-45%. I think it would be a great idea. Perhaps ASHI would market to realtors but not individual inspectors. I think this might remove the actual and the perceived conflict. Pete
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