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  1. Wow! so these bricks made it to the middle part of the country and maybe farther. I talked to an old timer in my area and he seemed to think they were just a local thing but I guess not. And it seems like they do not hold up well in other climates either. If anyone else has them in their state or has any info on them feel free to reply. Thanks.
  2. Hi all, here in Chester County, (eastern PA) there are buildings from the 1920's thru 1950 made from a brick that is light red to almost a "pinkish" color, they are rather heavy but don't hold up as well as common red bricks. sorry I don't have a pic of them but I have been searching. They have been used to build homes as well as garage buildings. My question is are these common to anywhere else in the country? and does anyone know anything about them, name, etc. maybe Bill or someone from PA could help. Thanks.
  3. What's a matter Jim, had enough? going into another field??
  4. Jerry, That was my question (above). I guess like I said, a water heater technically heats cold water to make it hot, so it is not a HOT water heater, it makes the COLD water hot. I know from going to court for a friend of mine that the other person's attorney will disect every word you say on tne stand so you have to speak precisely.
  5. OK let me see if I understand why you can't say hot water heater vs. water heater. Would it be because the water heater heats COLD water not hot water?
  6. Paul, sounds like that customer got over on you, I didn't know that we had to inspect trees!
  7. Somebody did a nice job of detailing that old Rudd water heater!
  8. Looks like a rather neat wiring job, but I can't say the same for all that junk on the outside wall of the house.
  9. Danny, Did you report the cans?
  10. So Mike, How did you report that crawl since you didn't get to complete it? State that crawl could not be inspected due to hazardous conditions? exterminator needed
  11. Hi all, slightly off topic but, Wondered what you folks do when you encounter a really wet/several inches of water crawl space like the ones Mike listed earlier in this post. Do you still crawl thru it? report it as too dangerous? (especially if wires are seen hanging down in it from the doorway). defer to other specialist? I am still doing ride alongs and have not encountered one yet but I am sure I will. My boss told me the story about a HI that was in a crawl with plastic sheeting and several inches of water, all of a sudden he fell into a really deep hole, buyer is inside the house at other end, couldn't hear him yell, finally they came looking for him and needed fire co. to get him out, also broke a leg. I want to do a good inspection but I will not put myself at risk doing it if possible. any comments?
  12. Phil, Somebody somewhere has to have control over that county, town, etc. plus that builder must be a real jerk, after the buyer pays x amount of dollars for the house why can't the builder make it "complete". what else was missing?
  13. Well to name a few, fixed salary each week, 12 paid holidays, paid health ins. 2 wks vacation, set hours, always off weekends, no going into wet crawlspaces, company car/gas to ride around in during work time. uniforms, badge, etc. I don't want to work for myself anymore, been there already (30 yrs). At 5pm when I go home what ever happened today is someone elses problem, as long as I did the best job I could. Just want to finish out my working career helping/educating the public on properties. I could be happy with either career just waiting to see what comes along.
  14. Here's a similar story to Steve's. I recall reading somewhere about a HI that was asked to inspect a house in a bad part of a town on kind of short notice. He had a gun but not a permit to carry it, so that was out, he couldn't get a security gaurd lined up for 2 weeks (too long), and he definitely didn't want to be there by himself. He went to a temp labor agency nearby and asked for a big strong gentlemen to help him move some equipment, they said they had just the fellow, and he was available on short notice. 2 days later he went to pick up this fellow for the job, he was 6'3" and about 240lbs. and lifted weights, and on top of that had a scary look to his face (perfect!) he took him to the site and told him he wasn't going to lift anything just be a "supervisor". He was thrilled and just strolled around the property, turns out he knew some of the "knuckleheads" in the area and when they tried to approach the house he told them he was "working" and sent them on their way. The inspection was completed peacefully and the gentlemen's cost was added to the job. I could picture this happening in my town and thought it was kind of a funny story.
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