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  1. Marc, You cannot remove the checkboxes but you can rename them if you create a customer report type. The checkboxes drive key features related to validation in our software. The first checkbox, regardless of what it is called provides indication that the item existed and was inspected. Prior to delivering your report, there is a function you run called Report Validation. The system reviews your report and identifies any inspection items you missed. Likewise, the last checkbox is used to indicate there was a problem with the item inspected. Again, in the report validation, it check to see t
  2. Bruce has done a great job describing how the software works. If you have any other questions, please let me know or call and we can setup a one on one demo. Like every industry, the inspection industry (especially in Texas) took a big hit. We lost a lot of inspectors and new inspectors looking for software has declined almost 75% over the past couple of years. We are still here and supporting our existing and new customers. For now we no longer participate in the tradeshows and rely on word of mouth sales. We are still working on new features and have revived the iPhone/iPad handheld
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