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  1. Well Jim, the nice thing about this is we all get to do it "our" way. Of course, there's some of the "our" way I object to also but to each their own. You get to choose if you want to eat the processing fees or not. The credit card company has expenses they have to meet also so they gotta make something on the deal. You get to choose whether you pay for it out of your profits or which of your customers pay.
  2. Well, no Jim, she didn't mind a bit! 😎😎😎 What do you think all those stores that take cards do with their processing fees. They just raise the prices on everyone. So did I.
  3. I got some pushback for adding a processing fee. I stopped. I raised my prices 5% across the broad and consider credit card processing fees a cost of doing business, kind of like buying gas for the van. Though, like Jim, I actively discourage it.
  4. Ok, fire-tube boiler. But it looks more like the bottom of one of those funky mats people put in their bathtubs.
  5. I just don't trust collapsible ladders. Too many times, too many people have been injured by them collapsing. User error or failure, doesn't really matter. I won't get on one. For years and years, I've used the one linked below. I also still carry an LG 17 but nowadays it's use is pretty much limited to getting into high attic accesses in garages. Neither one of them are too heavy for me and both of them have good weight ratings. Low slopes, I still get on. High or steep, out comes the drone. https://www.amazon.com/Cosco-13-Multi-Position-Ladder-System/dp/B00820N1VU
  6. Probably just the same algae you see on shingle roofs streaking down the slope.
  7. It's really not that much of a squeeze, unless the person going through has a big ass! 😎😎😎
  8. aka "weeping mortar", "slobber joint" etc, depending on where you are in the country.
  9. While this one was due to the seller not moving his trailer, I've often set up my little ladder like this rather than using the beat up drop down ladder..
  10. If you've got a LG type multi position ladder, just strip the outer part off, extend it out straight and it'll lay right over that risky attic drop down ladder.
  11. TIJ is still the best place for good advice and discussion. Facebook usually gets you the one or two year guy who still thinks he knows everything and constantly proves he doesn't.
  12. Pictures, both near and far, help with diagnostics.
  13. A high and low vent from the attic would also suffice.
  14. Well, at 60x60, it'd sure as hell be the Ruth Stout for me. Unfortunately, I've not that much room where Momma chooses to live. I was lucky to get her as far out of town to a little lake community as I did. She's a bit of a city girl.
  15. I've got a friend who has the space for the Ruth Stout method of growing potatoes. Gets a bumper crop every year. I don't know about that "too much work" thing. About every three years, I get another load of compost to throw in there and till into the rest of the soil. That's about the only real work. The rest of it is just planting, turning the timer valve on the drip irrigation hoses under the plastic, and harvesting. The only idea I have for you is to go back to what worked in the past. Of course mine is only a small 10 x 20 bed.
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