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  1. Turn up your faucet, Tom. The drip wasn't quite enough for some of us to catch it.
  2. It's OK. There are 57 states and Washington captured all the airports.
  3. I've seen several like that. Some disabled folks are only able to raise their feet so far. Need low rise stairs. Maybe they're for a relative who visits. I'd want the guards and rails but don't see an issue with the stairs themselves.
  4. Well, Tammie, I'm glad your back to enough health to come here on your research path.
  5. Hmm, someone dropping key words. Guess he forgot the link or an admin already took care of it.
  6. Don't forget justifying their own jobs, Marc.
  7. I wonder if that's what they call a foundation in Louisiana?
  8. I've done a few over the years. Do what I can and write a report. What else could you do?
  9. 1400 foot! That's an area about 10x140 or 20x70. That's a LOT of tile. What kind of building is it installed in?
  10. Gotta love the ability to search and refresh your memory from the older posts when you need it. This helped me a bit tonight!
  11. I finally replaced my Rheem last year, at 26 years of age. It was still working but I felt it was a good time for an energy efficiency upgrade.
  12. You really have to WANT to make something of it when you go so far as to stand on your head to look at it to see if it makes sense that way.
  13. Look closer. The new LEDs just have a flat disc with little yellow squares up in them. No light socket like you and I are used to seeing. Took me a while the first time I saw them. I was bamboozled for several minutes when I didn't see the typical socket. And of course they had a daylight sensor. I had to flip the switch and cover the sensor to get them to come on.
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