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  1. A high and low vent from the attic would also suffice.
  2. Well, at 60x60, it'd sure as hell be the Ruth Stout for me. Unfortunately, I've not that much room where Momma chooses to live. I was lucky to get her as far out of town to a little lake community as I did. She's a bit of a city girl.
  3. I've got a friend who has the space for the Ruth Stout method of growing potatoes. Gets a bumper crop every year. I don't know about that "too much work" thing. About every three years, I get another load of compost to throw in there and till into the rest of the soil. That's about the only real work. The rest of it is just planting, turning the timer valve on the drip irrigation hoses under the plastic, and harvesting. The only idea I have for you is to go back to what worked in the past. Of course mine is only a small 10 x 20 bed.
  4. Would you compare the odor to rotten eggs - hydrogen sulfide or poop - sewer gas?
  5. Erby

    Clip upper corner???

    Watch this. Your question is answered at about 3:34.
  6. Just use our very own Mike Brown, the guy who runs this place for us. sales@devwave.com
  7. The spread of the coronavirus is contributed to by two factors:1. How dense the population is.2. How dense the population is.
  8. Sounds like Kenton needs to read the guides and do a little learning about the way TIJ works.
  9. Well, Kenton is the one that wrote those narratives to begin with. I wouldn't really expect him to change it just to put it here.
  10. https://www.facebook.com/mike.lamb.9674
  11. He's not just a link dropper like some we see here. Mundo is Kenton Shepard with NACHI. He's written a whole bunch of stuff. This is likely copied from the stuff he writes for NACHI. https://hinarratives.com/about-the-author/
  12. @Aubri: You'll find very few new guys here. We're mostly a bunch of crusty old farts who've been around a long time and well established. Articles addressing that kind of crowd will find a happy home here. Articles addressing newer inspectors, not so much.
  13. Trent's is WAY too big for me! I"m more of a small raised bed guy. Last year I donated over 1000 tomatoes and untold cucumbers to the homeless shelter from my little plot. Drip irrigation on a timer valve. Black plastic on the ground so I don't have to weed. Just plant, water and harvest. Did way to much weeding in my daddy's garden, which was even bigger than Trent's way back when I was a little one. God forbid he found weeds growing in your section of the garden.
  14. You can't win 'em all! This article is a loser for this crowd.
  15. We're not really number one yet, but I'm trying as best I can to STFH. Numbers as of a day or so ago.
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