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  1. Additional info from my first post: I am not looking to change my career to a city code inspector/employee. I know the head inspector of a local city that may change its laws which could leave the city short in handling the amount of inspections they could do. They may consider allowing it's residents to hire private home inspectors to do the POS/ compliance work from an approved city list. This could save the city a lot of money/training, benefits costs, etc. by allowing private home inspectors to do the inspections vs. hiring employees. This could also be another way for private home inspec
  2. Some Local municipalities/cities require a POS (point of sale) inspection in order to place a home up for sale. They also have periodic rental property compliance inspections. These types of inspections are performed by city employed housing/building inspectors. QUESTION: Are any private home inspectors doing POS and or rental property compliance inspections for a municicpality/city in addition to their private fee paid home inspection business?? Does anyone know of any municipality/city that hires/employes outside(non city employed) home inspectors(private) to do POS and or compliance inspe
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