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  1. Just a quick question. Should cedar shake siding be caulked beteen shakes during a new paint installation. Thanks in advance. Brian Burns MHHI
  2. Hello all, I recently did a home and upon testing the exterior outlet for GFCI protection, the outlet tripped a GFCI located elsewhere in the home. It appears that it took out the garage and bathroom outlets also, not tested prior to exterior test. After a very exhaustive search of the entire home, attic, crawlspace and panel I could not find a GFCI outlet anywhere. (Limited visual access to to the home being occupied.) The homeowners, agents and my clients are not to happy. I wrote it up as it happened but woud like some input on how to handle this type of situation and the correct way t
  3. Thank you all for your input. I didnt really think I had much to worry about but wanted some other opinions. Thank sagain Brian
  4. Hello all, I recently inspected a home and the attic access panel was not properly installed/supported at the time of inspection. The panel could fall from the ceiling and pose a safety issue. I clearly stated this in the delivered report to my client(Buyer)and recommended repairs by a licensed contractor. About 3 weeks later I get a call from the home owner saying that the panel had fallen from the ceiling, almost hit her and damaged the panel cover and the ceiling. She now says it is my fault that it fell and wants me to make the repairs or threatens a liability insurance claim if I
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