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  1. Thanks for the advise. I think I am going to contract the buyer by email and have them sign it electronically. Qhinspect, I will be in contact this week. thanks everyone
  2. Need some advise. I have an inspection next week were the buyers are overseas and their best friend is doing all the paperwork leading to the closing. The best friend hired our business and will be at the inspection, plus will be the person I give the inspection report too. My question is about the inspection agreement signature. Can a friend sign for the buyer. If they can, how is that done. Better yet, should I accept a inspection agreement without the buyer signature.
  3. Question on the correct venting of a roof with a power ventilator. I inspected a home this weekend that has a hip roof style. The only ventilation the roof has is a power ventilator. No soffit, ridge, gable or roof vent system. Should there be some type of free air venting through the attic. The home is over 100 years old so its not very tight, plus my feeling is its pulling all the AC/heat out through the ventilator. The roof isn't in that bad shape?
  4. I am conducting a home inspection tomorrow along with my first WDI Inspection. Do most of you that have a WDI license, attach a NPMA-33 form along with your home inspection report or do you add another section to the report and discuss the WDI Inspection within the body of the home inspection report.
  5. I wouldn't be soliciting for business while working with the insurance company. My question is can I still run my business separately while working for the insurance company. I dont plan on combining them as one but separate. I dont want to have a soliciting question come up
  6. I have been contacted by a insurance property/loss control inspection firm. They arrange inspections for insurance companies. I have had these done for rental property that I own, and there not as extensive as a typical home inspection. Its about a one hour process. Insurance companies need these to justify the property coverage value. My question is: the Independent contractor agreement has a non-solicitation clause for a period of one year if you terminate the contract. Does this keep me from soliciting business for my home inspection business during the agreement and if we terminate, does it stop me from soliciting for my home inspection business. It seems like a good way to fill in business during the lean times.
  7. Hello Forum I have been lurking on the “Inspector’s Journalâ€
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