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  1. The funny part to me is that Samantha, Al. is only 18 miles from Tuscaloosa. It took a year and a half to go 36 miles. Mike H www.rqahomeinspections.com
  2. While our house was under construction my wife went and got $20 in quarters. She made me hide them all over the house and in the same place that you found your quarters. The reason she wanted the quarters in the house was so that as long as we lived in the house we would never be broke, we will always have at least $20 in the house. That could be the reason, just my guess. P.S. I don't know where she came up with that idea, I just do what I'm told. Mike H. www.rqahomeinspections.com
  3. We have a small 4 cyl. Ford Ranger , black truck with gold lettering. The truck is a little small for 2 guys both 6'4" tall and both over 200 pounds, but serves us very well. I do not think we have gotten any business from the lettering on our truck but the main reason we have the lettering to to identify ourselves when at an unoccupied homes. I dont think the type of vehicle you drive is as important as keeping the vehicle clean and in good repair. Mike H. www.rqahomeinspections.com
  4. When we lived in Alaska as kids everyone referred to them as moose-squito's. We took a cruise to Alaska a few years ago. We went up a couple of days early to see eveything we could see in a couple of days (Its a very big place). It was the best vacation we've ever had. If you have a chance to go, GO! Mike H. www.rqahomeinspections.com
  5. We use the ring. You can also find accessories at police equipment stores (cop store) . We have found that bulbs for our ultra stingers are much cheaper at the cop store as compared to any place else we have bought bulbs. Mike H. www.rqahomeinspections.com
  6. We inspected a house for a doctor who wanted the sellers dogs, and from what we were told the dogs were in the contract. Should we have inspected the dogs, or put in the report consult a qualified vet? I guess I could have held the dogs while my partner (Tim) checked for worms. Mike Howe www.rqahomeinspections.com
  7. HEy Phillip , No offense meant (well maybe a little). I sleep with an Alabama fan every night , guess i should have used an icon to lighten up what I said. Anyway you gotta love this state during football season . MOOOOOOO, Mike
  8. Do Bama fans even cheer for the team anymore or just Saben? It is the weirdest thing I've ever seen, when listening to sports talk radio or in talking to the fans around here you never hear anything about the team or its players, just Saban, Saben, Saben. BTW Tommy Tubervilles record is 3-2 against Saben, We are just terrified Whewwwwww. We have a term for these new Saben fans "Nick Suckers" War Damn Eagle Mike
  9. Shirley Dempsey, president of the homeowners association, said she began having a series of dreams that she said were religious visions, leading her to discover problems in her house and others." Oh, brother! - Jim Katen, Oregon Holy Moldy Mike H www.rqahomeinspections.com
  10. I would like to introduce myself, I'm Mike H. Some of you know my business partner (and brother) Tim H. who post on TIJ every now and then. Anyway, this is the main reason you should treat every inspection as if you were on Dateline NBC. One person like this can make all of us look bad. With that being said I would like to thank all of the people on TIJ for the great information and knowledge that I have gained from TIJ over the past couple of years, it helps us all to be better inspectors. Mike H. www.rqahomeinspections.com
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