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  1. I came across a venting system I have not seen before. The water heater and furnace are installed in a basement. The original furnace and water heater were equipped with gravity vents and connected to a common flue (8") that terminated at the roof top. A new furnace was installed just prior to my inspection. The new furnace is a direct vent system with 4" PVC. The PVC vent pipe is run through the original flue (8") and terminates at the roof top. Is there any concern that the PVC run through the original flue will prevent proper water heater venting. Thanks, Will Click to Enlarge
  2. I recently came across a sub-panel which appeared to be manufactured for a main panel use. A metal bar bonded the neutral and ground buses across the top of the panel. However, since it was utilized as a sub-panel the installer cut the bar that bonded the neutrals and grounds (see photos). It was clear that there was no alternate path that bonded the neutrals and grounds. Does anyone see a problem with this since there is no bond between the neutral and ground. Thanks for any feedback. Click to Enlarge 65.71 KB Click to Enlarge 56.15 KB Click to Enlarge 49.83 KB
  3. I have not seen this type of roof before. Any information about the material and the condition of this particular roof based on the pics would be much appreciated. It appears to be a bitumen like material. Click to Enlarge 66.49 KB Click to Enlarge 65.33 KB Click to Enlarge 78.36 KB W
  4. Thanks for the advice gentleman, will be calling York Tuesday morning.
  5. Need help on a furnace installation as there is a bit of a disagreement among the parties involved ie, me, builder, sub-contractor,etc. The furnace is a York GY9S series High Efficiency Furnace. The HVAC cont. installed return air supply at the rear and bottom of the unit. I read through the installation manual on site and it specifically stated the return air supply shall not be connected to rear of unit. HVAC guy says it is ok and now we cannot locate the manual. I attempted to find manual online but all info does not specifically state return cannot enter from rear. It only states instruc
  6. Brian G. I see this material quite often in homes built during the 70's. Based on the research I have done I have done including talking with HVAC contractors and competent inspectors, I refer this for further evaluation stating health concerns. The duct material is comprised almost entirely of a fiberglass wool and over time this material may deteriorate causing the fiberglass particles to become airborne. These particles may cause irritation to persons with sensitive respiratory systems. Upon googling this material, most of what you will find is new product information for Johns-Manvill
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